The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs

Posted: November 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

A-line, mermaid dress or princess robe? Here you will find out what best underscores your personality.





Capricorn: The Controlled 

Capricorns are very controlled personalities , so they also want a dress in which they feel comfortable and not run the risk of going on the long train. For her, a dress does not have to have a lot of buzz. Simple cut, nice fit. Done.


Aquarius: The Creative 

Individuality is high on Aquarius. That’s why they love wedding dresses with an extraordinary touch. Unusual color, creative patterns, special accessories. Aquarius women think: Not everyone likes the dress, but it should be remembered by everyone!

The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs


Pisces: The Romantic 

Dreamy is the zodiac sign Pisces ! A fairytale wedding with princess dress is what it has always wanted. That’s why Pisces is a flared dress with a veil or crown. And of course a romantic embroidery.

The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs


Aries: The uncomplicated 

A Aries decides spontaneously and out of the belly. The clothes search therefore does not take so long. If the dress looks good, it will be bought. Basta. A dress with straps and an elegant cut goes perfectly with the Aries Bride.

The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs


Taurus: The pleasure-man 

Taurus do not skimp at the wedding . It should be the most beautiful day in life – with all the trimmings. Even the wedding dress must be something very special. With veil, long train, a lot of lace – a dream in white just. Simple? It is out of the question!

The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs


Gemini: The Communicative 

Gemini are very communicative and social. A dress that they have to tinker with all evening is not for them. At their wedding they want one thing above all else: to have fun with the others – and to dance a lot! Goes great for example with a short version with halterneck or wide straps. Do not slip!


Cancer: The Loving One 

As sweet as the cancer woman herself, so should her dress. Elegant, many small details, feminine and a bit mysterious. Great is her a dress in a retro look!


Leo: The Self-Conscious 

Clearly, the Leo wants to stand out from the crowd and make a strong appearance. For this she needs a dress that underlines her personality. Mighty it must look, therefore, in any case, issued and voluminous.


Virgo: The Perfectionist 

The dress creases, slips or gets dirty? A catastrophe for the Virgo. With her, everything has to sit down to the last detail. A dress with a simple cut fits best without a lot of bells and whistles. Nevertheless, it should do something. Perfect is a simple Variate with halter neck and a strapless neckline.

The Perfect Wedding Dress For You Based On You Zodiac Signs


Libra: The Playful 

A little flower here, a few ruffles there, magical lace – clear! The Libra zodiac may have dresses that are a bit more playful with pretty details. Scales love to be admired by others. So here is just a real eye-catcher in question. For example, model:


Scorpio: The Organized

Scorpions leave nothing to chance. The dress you have already bought long before the wedding and try it as a precaution every week to see if it fits. Scorpions naturally have a magical aura. A dress underlining this is, for example, a variant with short sleeves, lace and a flared skirt.


Sagittarius: The brave 

Sagittarius are very adventurous, so the wedding dress may also be a bit more daring. Large back cut, sophisticated lace, an extraordinary cut. The main thing, not boring and ordinary!




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