The perfect declaration of love – that’s how you do it right!

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There are many ways to say “I love you”. How does it feel most romantic? This will make your declaration of love simply unforgettable.

The butterflies fly and you could embrace the whole world. No question, being in love is for sure the most beautiful feeling in the world. And if you float on cloud nine, you also want to say that to your sweetheart. But this moment, in which for the first time the magic three words fall, should of course become very special. The declaration of love should not be too cheesy and not too clumsy. Just beautiful! The question is: how do I just say it? With a love letter? Or a love poem? Or do I just say “I love you”? Here are a few tips on how to make your declaration of love an unforgettable moment.

The declaration of love: the right time

Contrary to the stereotype, men confess their love earlier than women. According to studies, the magical three words “I love you” often scurries after a few weeks, while most women wait six months.

Finally, one should ask yourself if you are ready for a declaration of love.An “I love you” should not be used as a phrases for affection. Only those who are sure of their feelings, should tell the partner. Of course, this can be the case after a few days of relationship (even if you are often in love with love). Waiting a few months, but in any case acts sincerely.

The declaration of love: the perfect place

Whether at home by candlelight or in front of the Eiffel Tower – it is important that the declaration of love comes from the heart – and that you get a quiet moment . Because confessing love between the door and the hinge – that is of course less romantic. The best way to enjoy togetherness. For a declaration of love is one of the most intimate things a couple shares with each other.

The declaration of love: The right form

Orally or in writing – that’s the question. Clearly: The best thing is to just take a heart, the man (or the woman) of his dreams in the eyes to see and say, I love you!” But even something written down can be romantic. But less if you express your love via SMS or Facebook. The absolute romance killer: “I love you” to post on the partner’s Facebook wall. Much heartier are love letters, love poems or beautiful love spells which you hold on a beautiful paper. The big advantage: Such a letter can be kept forever – a Facebook message or SMS sinks, however, in the mailbox – and makes just a little. Anyone who is musical can of course also write a love song for their sweetheart. If that is not the ultimate proof of love!

The Declaration of Love: What should I write?

You can basically fill a love letter with anything that moves you and stirs your heart. Be creative and informal. Write to your sweetheart in the declaration of love directly what you feel for him. What is so great about him, for example? What emotions does he (or she) trigger with you? How does he make you happy? Which experiences in your relationship do you always like to remember?

Especially beautiful and not at all old-fashioned is poetry that goes to the heart. How about if you still attach a love poem to your personal words This completes a love letter in a special form. We have some nice idea for you!

By the way: Love letters are not only suitable for the first declaration of love. Even if you have a relationship for years: A declaration of love on paper is a beautiful idea that will certainly sweeten the day of your partner!

Declaration of love on paper: The most beautiful love poems



It’s night and my heart comes to you, can not stand it, can not stand it anymore. Lie down on your chest, like a stone, sink into it, into yours.

Only there, first there comes to rest, lies at the bottom of his eternal thou.


I knew that you loved me, I had discovered it long ago; But when you confessed it, it scared me deeply.

I went up to the mountains And cheered and sang; I went to the sea and cried at sunset.

My heart is like the sun So flaming, And sinking into a sea of ​​love It is great and beautiful.

Through you I want to see the world; because then I do not see the world, but only you, you, you …

(born 1929)

Because you turn the days into ships that know their direction. Because your body can laugh. Because your silence has stages. Because one year takes the form of your face. Because I understand through you that there is presence, I love you.


Out of golden breath Heaven made us. Oh, how we love each other …

birds become buds on the branches, and roses flutter up.

I’m always looking for your lips behind a thousand kisses.

A night of gold, stars of night … No one sees us.

When the light comes in the green, we fall asleep; Only our shoulders still play like butterflies.


We live word by word



You, I love you limitless! Love above all, hate over everything! Like to take you like a gemstone into the rays of my soul. Put your dreams in my lap, I let him enclose with golden walls And douse him with sweet greek wine And with the oil of roses.

O, I flew out to you like a bird, In desert storms, in sea-winds, In my days Sun-red In my nights Star to find you. You! spread the power of your will, that we hover over all autumns, and evergreen we embrace death And give it life.


I chose you Among all the stars.

And I am awake – a listening flower In the buzzing foliage.

Our lips want to prepare honey, our shimmering nights have blossomed.

At the blessed radiance of your body My heart lights its heavens –

All my dreams hang on your gold, I have chosen you among all the stars.


Where did you take all the beauty, you love, you well form ?! For you all the world has come too short! Because you have the youth, everything becomes old, because you have the life, everything has to die, because you have the power, the world is not a hoard, because you are perfect, it is a shard, because you are the sky, there is none there!


When we look at each other, Bloody our eyes.

And how we marvel At our miracles – not? And everything will be so cute.

Of stars we are framed and escape from the world.

I think we are angels.


How you need me? Like drank and food the hungry, the freezing the garment, Like sleep the weary, the splendor of the voyage of the sea To the man who cries for freedom.

That’s how I love you. Like this earth, salt, bread and wine and light and wind blow, which, though we are sorely needed, are not always self-evident.

And deeper still. For even the uncertain and distant powers, called God, they penetrated to my heart with kisses,

the words of your mouth and the flowering of earthly love I took as a pledge for a world of spirit and goodness.


Your mouth, the beautiful curly, Your smile that grazed me, Your eyes that embraced me, Your lap that warmed me, Your arm that embraced me, Your word that circled me, Your hair, in which I dove, Yours Breath that breathed me, Your heart, the wild foal, The soul open, The feet that ran, When my lips cried -: Heard well, everything is mine, Do not know what I would like best, And would not hell heaven, one and all, all and one.


O give me your hands, Spring burns in the Hag, waste yourself, waste this day.

I’m lying in your lap and looking for your look. He muffled the sky, Heaven back.

Oh, gliding over Borden If you run without rest: You have become heaven, the sky became you.


I love you so much! I would give you a tile from my oven without hesitation.


YOU ARE my land, I your tide, which yearns around you; You are the beach, to my blood returns without ‘end.

Nestled against you, my mirror weighs the light of a thousand stars; and softly your shell gold rolls into my seabed distance.


THIS ROSE heavy with secret kisses: Look, that’s our love. Our hands reach back and forth, our lips cover them more and more with words and kisses, yearning, our souls salute each other – as if over a sea – – as over a sea – – – This rose from the scent of our souls heavy: look, that is our love.


We dreamed of each other And have awakened, We live to love each other, And sink back into the night.

You stepped out of my dream, I stepped out of yours, We die when one is completely lost in the other.

On a lily, two drops tremble, pure and round, flow into one and roll down into the chalice of ground.


I am only aware of my soul In yours, my heart can never rest except only at your breast! My heart can never beat except for you alone. I’m so completely your own, So forever yours. – –


I love you because I have to love you; I love you because I can not do anything else; I love you after a heavenly conclusion; I love you through a magic spell.

I love you as the rose does her bush; I love you as the sun does its light; I love you because you are my life’s breath; I love you because loving you is my being.


You my soul, you my heart, you my joy, oh you my pain, you my world, in which I live, my heaven you, in which I float, O you my grave, in that down I gave eternal my grief. You are the peace, you are the peace, you are the heaven granted to me. That you love me, makes me worthy, your eyes have transfigured me before me, you lift me lovingly over me, my good spirit, my better self!

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