The NEW gentle wonder weapon against wrinkles

Posted: January 20, 2019 by XPOFeed

Retinol is known, but Bakuchiol is rather unknown. That should change now fast, because the naturally occurring active substance is acted as the new gentle alternative against skin aging.
  1. What is Bakuchiol?
  2. Anti-aging wonder weapon: This is how the natural product should work
  3. What are the benefits of Bakuchiol?

What is Bakuchiol?

In the Traditional Chinese Magazine as well as in the teaching of Ayurveda Bakuchiol has been well known for hundreds of years and is often used. It is used in the treatment of a wide variety of skin diseases and problems.

Source of the active ingredient are the seeds and leaves of the Babchi plant , also known as Psoralea corylifolia. She is originally from Southeast Asia.



Anti-aging wonder weapon: This is how the natural product should work

Bakuchiol are attributed to similar effects as retinol . It is supposed to smooth the skin and reduce different signs of aging . This includes wrinkles as well as areas of skin that have lost strength. Like retinol, Bakuchiol stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn gives our skin its elasticity, which it loses over the years.

At the same time, Bakuchiol also acts as an antioxidant and  thus fights free radicals in our body that otherwise unhindered attack our cells and cause our skin to age. A study published several years ago in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science proves the effect. After Bakuchiol was applied as part of a cream on the skin twice a day for twelve weeks during the investigation, significant improvements were noted. Wrinkles and pigment spots have been reduced and improvements in skin elasticity and firmness noted.

But the natural active ingredient should also be useful in other applications. For example, Bakuchiol should also have a positive effect on menopausal symptoms . Furthermore, it is thought to have an antidepressant effect.


What are the benefits of Bakuchiol?

The key difference between Bakuchiol and Retinol is that the active ingredient in the plant seeds does not affect the skin . While many who treat their skin with Retinol (and especially those with sensitive skin) have to struggle with redness, dry skin and even skin irritation in the first few weeks, this should not happen with a treatment with Bakuchiol. Thus, Bakuchiol is especially suitable for those whose skin does not cope with the retinol side effects.

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