The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

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Bad weather can not hurt you anymore: with these yoga exercises against cold you will come through autumn and winter healthy.

Never again runny nose

It sounds almost too simple: make quiet movements for a few minutes, breathe deeply and bring the mind to rest – and already the sniff nose loses its terror. An ideal remedy for colds. And it actually works. Because meditative training like yoga relaxes to the tips of your toes – and cold-blooded viruses do not like that at all:“There are proven relationships between the reduction of stress and a positive effect on the immune system,” explains Professor Wilhelm Bloch, head of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine at the German Sport University Cologne. Because when the head is stressed, the body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol – and they shut down the immune system. But yoga slows down stress, and our immune system has power to fight the viruses. Studies show that such meditative exercises actually provide significantly more immunity and help against cold – and within a short time.

In the park, at the lake or on the balcony Do the yoga exercises even more. The moderate exercise in the fresh air stimulates the immune system particularly intensively. Because the cool air moistens the heat-contaminated mucous membranes, unwanted invaders such as viruses and bacteria are immediately flushed out again. And the lungs are flooded with an extra dose of oxygen – right now, where we’re a lot inside, a blessing for body and brain cells and an ideal remedy for colds. Just take a deep breath and relax the performance.

The meditative yoga exercises also intensify and slow down the breathing. This not only helps against colds, but also proven in respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

Yoga also promises relief for numerous other health problems:headaches, backaches, stomach problems or indigestion, high blood pressure or overweight, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The combination of gentle movements and conscious breathing gradually regulates almost all body processes that are more or less directly related to stress: insomnia, lack of energy, anxiety or depression. It almost seems as if yoga was not invented in warm India, but in the dull gray German winter. And best of all, it’s really fun.

As blown away


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Wind is an element that fascinates yogis very much. They call it VAYU – meaning all aspects of the life energy PRANA that is active in our body. In the imagination of the yogis, it is this wind that kindles our “digestive fire,” for example, and keeps all other metabolic processes going. The wind stimulates us internally, but also mentally. Because he blows everything around, even what has been frozen in us for a long time. He also brings back processes that have stalled. Wind moves, whirls and keeps us going – wonderful.

But the wind can also make us fidgety and nervous when our life is already restless and agitated. When it storms and winds in such phases – at the door or in its own interior – we need stability and stability , so that the wind does not blow us away.

Our exercises adapt to both faces of the wind: you can either go with the wind, use its power and blow away what you are burdened with a strong breath. Or you can stand up to its pressure and feel like a lighthouse in the roaring sea.


How to sail an albatross


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Get into a stable stance: put your feet about shoulder width, and turn them a little bit outward. Feel the inner axis, which runs like a lot from the vertex through the body. Spread your arms sideways at shoulder height. Stretch them far over your fingertips into the room, like an albatross spreading its wings. Turn around the vertical axis: exhale in the spin and, if you cross the imaginary axis, breathe again. Feel the air under your arms and sail like an albatross on the wind … Continue for 1-3 minutes. Then lower your arms, pull your feet a little closer and feel them.



Throw down what complains


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Set your feet wide and make sure you have enough space around you. Raise both arms stretched right up. Look up at your hands, and take a deep breath. Let your arms fly to the top left and look behind your hands. Breathe through your mouth with the sound “Ha!” out. Swing your arms back and forth, breathing deeply through your nose. Give this movement as much energy as if you wanted to hurl everything that incriminates and complains, far behind you or to the side. Continue this movement for 1-2 minutes, making it brisk
and energetic. Then follow it up for a moment and watch,



Like a lighthouse in the surf


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Put your feet a little less than a bit wide and parallel.Firmly press the outer edges of the heels and the balls of the big toes against the ground. With the next inhalation, lower the pelvis far down and behind, and raise your arms. Stretch your legs out with your exhale and lower your arms. Continue for 1-2 minutes to the rhythm of your breath. Breathe as slowly, deeply and calmly as possible. Then spend a few breaths in the powerful squat position: Lowering the pelvis quite far back and down, anchoring the outer edges of the heels firmly to or in the ground, raising the upper body and arms in the air like a lighthouse in the surf. Breathe calmly and deeply. To leave the posture, stretch your legs and slowly lower your arms again. Look in the state,





The petrel


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

The legs are a little less open than the pelvic area, the feet parallel.Make sure that you are standing on a level surface. Shift the weight to the right leg. Inhale both arms. Exhaling lift the left leg backwards and let the upper body and the arms, if possible, sink parallel to the ground. Stretch a breath in length and width. Breathe in, inhale, and let your arms fall out in exhalation. Repeat this procedure with the left leg as a support leg, then again each time. Then dwell in the pose; first on the right, then on the left leg. Imagine putting your arms straight in the air, imagine yourself swiftly through the air like a swallow. Become aware of how the wind sweeps around you, how it buys the body, carries it. Linger .. , Then track it down as you move.


The tree in the wind


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Stand on a level surface. Shift the weight to the leg, which is usually your mainstay. Bend the big toe ball to the ground and push the outer edge of the heel into the ground, so that the hip of the leg moves back to the central axis and the pelvis straightens in the middle.

Rooted over the foot of your leg in the depth and breadth. Lift the leg of the leg and place it on the inside of the knee or thigh. Apply pressure to the sole of the foot and forcefully press back against the area of ​​the leg on which your foot is resting. This prevents the foot from slipping off. Raise your arms sideways – like the branches of a tree. Linger breathing so calmly. The leg remains very active in contact with the ground and the sole of the foot.

During the exercise, align yourself with the vertical axis of the body. To keep the balance better, fix a point on the ground or on the horizon. Linger like this, and feel the wind sweeping and shaking you, while standing steadily and quietly like an old tree and swaying lightly with the wind … At the end of the exercise, feel in the state. Keep rooting and inner alignment on the vertical axis even further.


The mountain in the sun


The Most Effective Yoga Exercises In Winter

Stand still. Turn your palms forward and spread your fingers. Think of each hand as a little sun. Each finger is a sunbeam, and the sun in each palm radiates far into the space around it. Linger like that. Continue to breathe in and out and feel the wind and weather activate and invigorate you without giving up your inner peace and stamina.

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