The 6 most common reasons why do men lose interest

Posted: January 2, 2019 by XPOFeed

Has he disappeared from the scene? Have you been waiting too long for his call or message from him? Have you retrieved your emails more often today than you might want to admit? Perhaps the reason is that he has lost interest.

But why do men withdraw? Just when things are going well, puff, he’s gone. Why do men do that? Some experts say it’s part of your relationship, and others say it’s not so much about you.

Knowing why this happens is not an assurance that you will never get rid of it again, but it does give you some insight into the background.

Look at the most common reasons why men lose interest:

1. You classify the relationship differently than he does.

This is one of the most common reasons why men lose interest. Answer this fact by making sure to only date men who are seeking the same as you. It’s okay to want a long-term relationship, just date no guys who are not ready for it. Likewise, it’s okay that he gets what he’s interested in, and giving him freedom will be more likely to come back than to force him on.

2. The spark just did not jump over with him.

You had a few dates and you thought everything was perfect, but he does not completely share your feelings. You can not enforce interpersonal chemistry. Sometimes men who look great on paper spend a long time dangling in the hope that the spark will skip even if they do not. So he pulls back slowly or ends it when he realizes that it will not work.

If you’ve met a guy for a long time and you do not feel like it, look at the positives: he likes you so much that he still invests time in you. Nobody is to blame if the chemistry does not fit; it’s just how it is. Go ahead and find the right man to give you the fireworks you deserve.

3. There is someone else.

Sad but true, it happens very often and he just does not have the guts to tell you. The only way to avoid this is to be a great friend. Be cool, but not too cool, do not bend too much and do not push him to be yours forever and he will not think about looking for someone else. Let the leash loose.

If you’re in a committed relationship and he’s actually cheating on you, get out. A relationship without mutual respect is not worth fighting for.

Cowardly men often cheat on their wives to stop them or to find out where they are in the relationship. In my opinion, one can confidently forget this.

4. You’ve upset him and do not see it.

Sometimes, women tend to think that they can behave like an exhausting fury as soon as they are in a relationship. That will not do.

Just because he once said that he loves you does not mean that you have the right to make him small and overrule. If he has lost interest in you because you’ve done something specific that you know of, confess it and beg his pardon. This is an important step in the right direction and even if it does not bring you back together, it will at least make it no longer feel like a complete control freak.

5. You are too easy to have.

This is about everything from early sex to the wedding application on the third date. If you do not lead a fulfilling life out of the relationship, he is faster away when he can say “Pay, please!”. Being a little bit mysterious can do a lot. Leave him in the dark as he leaves you in the dark and you’ll drive him crazy, but in a good way.

6. You are too needy.

Yes, men love to be needed. What she does not like is to know that you can not get along in everyday life, without knowing where he is, what he is doing and calling him 457 times a day to tell him that you have just sneezed. Yes, you can kill spider in the store room yourself; he does not have to be taken out of a meeting to help you with it. In fact, extremely needy behavior is a great way to get rid of a guy who just does not want to go. Use only in emergency situations.

The bottom line – why do men lose interest?

Men can often be very complicated creatures for women. The gentle removal or the slow withdrawal seems to be much more present today than in the past. The truth is that it is often easier for men to go underground or stop receiving calls than to be honest, which is why they have lost interest.

Every relationship has its own green, to falter. Just keep in mind that it’s not necessarily always the reason for you and sometimes (maybe always) it’s even better that way. Your friends are right, you are a great person and the right person will come.

To find out why men back down, watch this video now. It explains the primary reason men lose interest in women. I am not sure how long it will be online, so click here and watch it directly.

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