The 5 Most Important Tips As Beauty Trends 2019:

Posted: December 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

The 5 Most Important Looks From Eyes to Nails Follow As Beauty Trends 2019:


  1. The eye make-up will be colorful
  2. Liquid lipsticks for a great shine
  3. Messy eyebrows, nude nails and no makeup
  4. Rosy cheeks for a beautiful complexion
  5. Glitter for face and nails
The year is not over yet and already we are dealing with 2019? But yes! Finally, in the new season wonderful beauty trends await us, which we are already looking forward to. 

The eye make-up will be colorful

Rainbow or parrot? Whatever you call the motley eyeshadow trend – green, red, blue and gold is in fashion 2019. Designers like Rodarte, Ulla Johnson and Lado Bokuchava (pictured) sent their models over for spring / summer 2019 collections with gaudy eyelids the catwalks. Also very big is the Pantone color of the year 2019 on the eyes: Living Coral .


Liquid lipsticks for a great shine

It will be wet and happy in 2019: The Beauty Wonder Weapon offers a long hold , if you previously apply a darker lip liner. This protects the paint from leaking. The sounds? From bright red to darker berry nuances, everything is included


Messy eyebrows, nude nails and no makeup

As a counterpart to bright colors, the beauty-trends 2019 have the natural look. Do you know? There were already this year. We can look forward to wild eyebrows and an unvarnished face next season . Nice detail: The nails are kept in a tender nude. Saves time, nerves and more: less is more.

Rosy cheeks for a beautiful complexion

Rosa has long since discarded his image of a fashion doll or a Barbie and in 2019 has become the  cheek-color par excellence. No wonder: looks our face but much fresher without artificially. A beauty trend that likes to stay.


Glitter for face and nails

Actually, glitter remembers the Christmas time and thus the party season. But for all those who want to sparkle like a disco ball all year round, we have good news: in  2019, we will wrap our cheeks, lips and nails in glitter . Xpo presented bling make-up on their fashion shows. For everyday life: Please do not do it all at once, but use the glitter only sparingly – then looks glamorous instead of overloaded.

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