That’s How You Tick As A Friend According To Zodiac

Posted: January 13, 2019 by XPOFeed

Our zodiac not only shapes our character, it also influences our love life and determines how we behave in a relationship. What strengths and weaknesses you have as a friend, you can find out here:


You never get bored with a Aries as a friend. You are always on the look-out for new adventures. A short weekend break or a new hobby, with you is always something going on.


As a Taurus you are a very loving partner and constantly trying to improve the relationship. Unfortunately, this habit can be a bit exhausting in the long term. Just drop in and enjoy what you have


As a friend, you are very caring. You always listen carefully and try to read your friend’s every wish from the lips. Sometimes, however, this kind of mothering can also be a bit exhausting for your partner.



Cancers are absolute relational people and love everything that has to do with romance. They manage to give meaning to every little moment to make it unforgettable.


As a Leo-born, you tend to be a princess in a relationship and wish you to be cared for non-stop. There your friend has a lot of work. But he can always rely on you 100 percent, because lies are an absolute no-go for you.


In a relationship, the Virgo sometimes looks a bit cool and reserved. She does not have to pin her feelings on everyone. That does not mean that she is not unbelievably happy.


As Libra, you always try to avoid disputes. Heated discussions have no place in your life. If it comes to a dispute, you always take the first step to reconcile with your friend again.


For the Scorpion Lady, above all, loyalty is of great importance in a relationship. If you feel that your friend is hiding something from you, you can quickly become uncomfortable and spy on him if necessary.


As a friend, Me-Time is especially important to you. You feel quickly constricted in a relationship and therefore need your space. For your friend, this is sometimes difficult to understand.


Similar to the job you are always in your relationship always trying to make the perfect girlfriend. This perfectionism can put your friend under pressure.


As a Aquarius you are very sensitive in a partnership. On the one hand, you notice immediately when your friend is bad and on the other hand, you are very easily hurt by trifles and then it is difficult to hold back your tears.


Like Cancer, Pisces are total relational people. Only in a solid partnership can they really flourish. They always know how to pamper their boyfriend.


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