That’s how lipstick keeps you up all night

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Smooching? Only too! Eat Drink? But please! Clean the nose? Must be! We’ll tell you how lipstick does not say goodbye, but stays with you all night.

Color, stay true to me!

Applied half an hour ago and already invisible? Do we know. From painful experience. Many lipsticks boast their long-lasting properties, but unfortunately there is often just an empty promise behind it. By the way, we reveal to you in our test which small everyday escapade  really does get along well : How long does Long Lasting Lipstick really last ?

Granted, kisses and meals are of course a test of endurance for lipsticks. Nevertheless, we expect that despite everyday matter of course there is still something left of the splendor. With our tricks you wear lipstick perfectly and preserve it for the rest of the evening.

This is how lipstick last longer

1. The surface does it

Important is the surface on which the lipstick is applied – so the very sensitive, slightly dry lip skin. It should be well moisturized before applying make-up and be free from dead skin cells. Therefore: first exfoliate the lips (the scrub you can also make great yourself with coffee powder or brown sugar and a few drops of coconut or olive oil), then provide moisture (for example, with a lip cream containing urea). Make sure your lip care does not use mineral oils contains, they are suspected to be harmful to health. Prima against cracked lips also helps a honey mask. Simply apply viscous honey to the lips and leave for five minutes.

2. Create a basis

Before applying the paint, press the lips on a tissue so that no product remains on the lips. If you like, you can apply a bit of foundation or concealer to your lips so that the paint sticks to a smoother surface. Some manufacturers even have an extra primer product for this step (for example “Lip Erase” from Mac Cosmetics). In addition, this base helps to make the color shine properly.

3. What is left? Gloss or matt?

The lipsticks with the addition Long Lasting actually last the longest – they are provided with the most color pigments and often have a matt texture. Before application, surround with a lipliner that has the same color as the lipstick – or choose a colorless. So no color can ‘leak’ over the lip rims. For maximum durability, you can, just like the pros, the lipstick on a brush take – so you also reach the deepest lip wrinkle with color. Open your mouth and press again on a paper towel. Dust some loose powder with a brush on the lips. Then carefully paint again with a brush. Some lipsticks also have integrated application applicators (for example L’Oréal lip powder sticks).

Unfortunately, gloss and cream lipsticks do not last as long as dull lipsticks. Nevertheless, who has extremely dry lips, may take the creamy textures happy. Otherwise, the skin on the lips will eventually feel rough and dehydrated. We’ll tell you the best tricks to  make up lips  again step by step here. We also give you help in choosing the perfect color: which lipstick suits me ?, and show cool party make-up for make-up .

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