So You Win The Hearts Of The Zodiac Signs

So You Win The Hearts Of The Zodiac Signs

Posted: January 28, 2019 by XPOFeed

Each star sign has a different idea of ​​love. In order to win the heart of a cancer for you it needs romance, the Aquarius, however, loves the independence and requires this in a relationship. So you conquer the hearts of the zodiac signs:


Do not fall for the art of seduction of the Aries, because he quickly loses interest if he immediately gets what he wants. Stay firm and let him stew something. He must get the feeling that he has conquered you. Then he will also be interested in you in the longer term.


The Taurus loves luxury, good food and interesting conversations. Enchant him with a romantic evening in a good restaurant, make yourself chic and he will be yours.


Show them the cold shoulder, because with it you draw their attention to you. If you have aroused the interest of the Gemini, you should always surprise him with the craziest ideas, because he likes variety. If you are too monotonous, he will quickly find someone new.


The crabs are true romantics. They should be treated very lovingly and always take care of their needs. Try to read all his wishes from his eyes, then he will lie to your feet.


Cats like it when you scratch them. This is no different with a Leo. He loves it, if you give him all his attention and he can be the center of attention. Laugh at his jokes and show him how thrilling you find his stories, then his heart will soon be yours.


To win the heart of a Virgo, you should show her that you support her quest for perfection. It is best to approach a Virgo as a good friend who always and everywhere helps her. If you help her to cross borders, she will soon become more out of friendship.


Making decisions is not exactly a strength of Libra. That’s why you should take the first step. This zodiac sign just needs a little hint that you’re interested. Everything else will follow automatically.


The scorpion is often of the opinion that no one loves him. He is unsure if you really like him. Therefore, they have to convince him that he is the best, the most beautiful and the best. If you increase your self-esteem, he will move mountains for you.


Freedom is very important to this zodiac sign. If you come too fast with the family planning, you immediately put him to flight. Show him instead that you are cosmopolitan and spontaneous. For a long-term relationship, it is important that you share your interests.


Capricorn is very introverted and reserved. You have to keep coming up to him and assure him that you are serious. Because he is the most afraid of being abandoned. If he is the right person for you and you show him that too, he is yours.


Aquarius is unpredictable. He never knows what’s coming next. It may be that he simply disappears for a few days from the scene and then again is more affectionate than ever. If you want to be loved by an Aquarius, unfortunately you have to do it all. If he needs time for himself, give him without falling into jealousy. He tests you to see if he can remain independent with you at his side.


It takes time to gain the trust of the Pisces. You have to be patient and show this star sign again and again that you are there for her. They need the thought of eternal love and a partner that can be relied on in all circumstances.


So You Win The Hearts Of The Zodiac Signs

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