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Shred Diet: What Can The Diet Trend From The Us?

Posted: October 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

The shred diet promises two dress sizes less in six weeks. But can the new weight loss trend from the US live up to its promises?


The principle of the shred diet

The shred diet was developed by dr. Ian K. Smith , who studied medicine at Harvard and writes for the New York Times, Men’s Health and Newsweek. Under US President Barack Obama, Smith was appointed as a member of the National Health Council. With his book “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet” he made it in no time in the “New York Times” bestseller lists.

The theory of the shred diet states that you can achieve a weight loss of eight to eleven kilograms within a set period of six weeks . Or in other words: Ten centimeters circumference and thus two clothing sizes less.

Each week has a different motto: departure, challenge, metamorphosis, upswing, liberation and triumph.

How does the shred diet work?

  • The shred diet focuses on regular and regular meals that must not exceed a certain number of calories.
  • There can be up to seven meals a day , which together do not contain more than 1,300 kilo calories . Starving, as with other diets, is therefore not an issue.
  • There are four real meals and three snacks of 100 to 150 kilo calories each day.
  • However, not only the quantity but also the distance between the meals is crucial for the nutritional plans. Up to three hours should be in between, so that the insulin level in the blood and the hormone level remain stable and food cravings are avoided.
  • In addition to nutrition, sport also plays a crucial role: you should train for around 45 minutes at least five times a week to stay fit. The book gives specific instructions on how long strength and endurance should last – and which weight loss exercises are most effective. If you miss your training or eat only 30 minutes too late, you have to repeat the day.

Do I have to go hungry during the shred diet?

No. With the seven meals a day, the shred diet basically never creates a real feeling of hunger or the feeling of not being able to eat. The ingredients of breakfast, lunch and dinner are constantly being changed, so you and your taste buds should not be bored so quickly during the diet. But which foods are allowed?

You can drink two cups of coffee per day , one of which should be drunk for breakfast. Before each meal, a glass of water is on the program, alcoholic drinks are allowed only three times a week in small quantities.

It is better, of course, while Shred completely abstain from alcohol. You may season like the champions, if you omit the salt . Always go for lean meat, such as turkey or chicken, and treat yourself to fish . In the book of dr. Smith can find accurate meal plans and recipes, including tasty smoothies .

According to the developers at Shred, the detailed instructions lay in the enormous advantage that those who want to lose weight will be told what they want to eat. The recipes include a huge pool of allowed food.

How suitable is the shred diet for everyday use?

The success diet of Dr. med. Ian K. Smith is actually a good overall package for people who really want to lose weight . She puts a lot of emphasis on a healthy diet and puts her focus on sports. Nonetheless, for a person who works in the office from morning to night, the diet is not very suitable for everyday use. After all, which working person manages to eat every three hours – let alone make a healthy snack for work?

Also, the sports units, which must be completed five times a week, seem to be quite ambitious. However, those who are particularly consistent and well versed in meal prep can give the diet quite a chance. By the way: Shred is also available as a DVD version. Jilian Michaels promises a slim line in 30 days.

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