IT’s Difficult But Should I quit In Relationship?

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Granted, it can be a bad sign if we ask the question, “Should I quit? In Relationship” put. It does not have to be! We tell you what in doubt rather speaks of a separation.

Should I quit In Relationship ? No – if it is just a phase

The good news first: When we ask ourselves in our Relationship, “Should I quit? In Relationship”, That’s not always a bad sign. Not even  orgasm problems are a compelling reason to end a relationship.

We all have phases in our lives where we feel insecure and question one or the other – the job, the circle of friends, the leisure time and even the Relationship.

This is normal and just part of it. After all, we continue to develop for a lifetime, so the need for change is not uncommon .

If our partner is the right person for us, our Relationship will certainly survive our self-discovery processes, even though there may be some struggles in those phases.


Should I quit In Relationship ? Yes, if your Relationship is not good for you

But now the bad news: buzzing the thought “Should I put an end?” over and over again through our heads, that may be an expression of a gut feeling that our Relationship does not make us Happy . Then again, we should seriously consider our partnership, because most of our gut feeling is something.


To continue a Relationship without love, in which we permanently feel uncomfortable and think of separation, misses their “purpose” (doing both well!) And makes them unhappy in the long run – and for that, life is just too bad. In that case, putting an end to the benefit of both parties is definitely the right decision, even though it may initially feel like giving up or even failing to end it, and causing terrible anxiety.

That’s how we recognize Healthy Relationship

Now to get clarity, why you the question “Should I quit? In Relationship” So often in your head, find out if your friend and you are basically having a healthy relationship, one that does both of you more good than bad.


There are at least some features! Here are the five clearest signs that speak to give your Relationship a chance. That they should be based on reciprocity, it is probably clear.

1. You can drop yourself in the presence of your partner and be yourself.

No matter how stressful your day was and how much you had to pull yourself together to be the “strong,” “friendly,” or “creative,” once you have your partner around you, any tension in your social life will fall away.


You do not hold back your feelings, do not think about everything you say, and be who you are. Just as if you were alone except that it is nicer with him because you can exchange body contact (and of course have sex), talk, laugh, shred and and and.

2. You are looking forward to spending time together with your partner – even if you do not want anything special.

Even if you just want to hang out on Sunday, you’d rather do it with your partner than without him.

It gives you a good feeling when it’s just around you, and you let each other have some freedom, even when you’re lying on the couch together.

3. With your partner you discuss everything that is on your mind, even your deepest fears and dreams.

There is nothing embarrassing about your partner, not even this one dream, which you actually find quite naive and that your best friend does not know.

You just know that your partner takes you seriously and respects you. That shows itself in the way he sometimes teases or targets you.

4. You wish your partner all the luck in the world.

The salary increase, a goal achieved in the gym or just outrageously nice colleagues – what you might envy other people and even wish friends with a touch of jealousy, treat your partner wholeheartedly.

In your Relationship, the principle is: Shared happiness is double happiness.


5. Your partner encourages you and helps you reduce self-doubt.

Your Relationship is, as a rule, the safe field in your life from which you draw strength.

If you’re down (and not just minor Relationship problems or heartbroken reasons), you can at least rely on one thing: your partner will neither stress you further nor drag you further.

Ideally, it will even help you get back on your feet faster. 

Do all these things sound like a dream world to you, a fantasy of love that in reality does not exist?

You should not! If you do not know anything about it , ask yourself, why you are with your partner at all.

But keep in mind: There is one-night-stalls for sex , you can save on rent in shared apartments and against loneliness or Empty Nest Syndrome, there are other means.


If you have come to the conclusion that you would rather end your relationship, perhaps the tips of our expert on the question ” Should I quit? In Relationship ”


Here we will gladly tell you which phases of separation then probably come to your ex and you ,

By the way: Even relationship anxiety can make us feel uncomfortable in Relationship – even though we love our partner very much.

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