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Movement In The Heat How It Works With Running In The Summer

Posted: November 1, 2018 by XPOFeed

In sunshine, we prefer the picnic blanket to the sport. Running in the summer can also make you happy – provided you pay attention to a few things. Here are some tips for a healthy workout – the main points we summarized in the video above.

Summer temperatures are stressful for our body: to prevent it from overheating, the heart and circulation must work under high pressure. The blood is pumped into legs and arms, through the skin, the body releases the heat to the outside. A great protection mechanism that works well, especially in lean people. Unfortunately, it only comes at the expense of performance, because our muscles are less supplied with blood – and therefore less well supplied with nutrients. No wonder we feel exhausted quickly in the heat.
However, there are no general guidelines for how long and how fast we should run at a given temperature. We can even get our body used to sports in heat.In principle, however, it is advisable to listen to the signals of your own body and to reduce the training intensity from 30 degrees Celsius.  How to jog safely and healthy through the summer, you read here.

sun protection

In summer, the sun shines on us at a different angle than in winter, so the UV exposure is higher. You absolutely should avoid the blazing sun.Look for a shady path through a forest or park for your round; There you are surrounded by greenery and little exhaust fumes. With sunglasses you protect your eyes from UV rays. Naked skin is best with a waterproof sunscreen (stops even when sweating). Do not forget ears, neck, chin and hands!


Myth noon heat

“At lunchtime it is warmest” – we all know this rule of thumb. Only she does not always agree; at least not in our native latitudes. Because the highest temperature in Central Europe is not noon, but in the early afternoon, as weather experts emphasize.  That’s why it gets warmer and warmer during the day. If you want to jog this is best done early in the morning. Advantage: Then you start the day with top motivation! 💪


Stay cool

Breathable, loose-fitting running clothing allows air to the skin, so the sweat can evaporate and thereby provide cooling. Dark colors are more effective at keeping UV rays away than bright ones, but they also store more heat. It’s best to choose the brightest shirts possible. There are now even outfits with integrated UV protection. In summer, a headgear is recommended: a cap or a cloth, if necessary also for the neck.


Drink a lot

At high temperatures, we sweat more than usual. This protects our body against overheating. And those who sweat a lot also lose a lot of water – especially in endurance sports like running. With too little fluid, the body can do less. So your performance drops significantly when you have lost two percent of your body weight through sweating. At a weight of 65 kilograms that would be 1.3 liters, for example. 

So drink a glass of water before you start. For longer runs (more than an hour) or if you are not so fit, you should take a drink and drink small sips on the way. Good for low-carbon water, apple juice (1/3 apple juice, 2/3 water) or isotonic drinks. Remember: Even after running fill the liquid storage again!


Less is more

Even if you jog at the usual pace, the heart beats up to 20 beats faster in summer temperatures than on cooler days. Therefore you should not train too dedicated and if necessary make short breaks in between. The good thing about it: With less training you will achieve the same effect. The danger of overexerting is nevertheless high. If you suddenly feel dizzy or sick, do not show any false ambition –  just break the barrel, go into a cool room, put your legs up and drink a lot of water.


Care: ozone levels

The warmer, the higher the ozone content in the air you breathe – especially in the city, where also car exhaust and fine dust particles are added. Ozone reduces our lung function, irritates the mucous membranes and can cause headaches. On the website of the Federal Environmental Agency, you will learn about current ozone levels. A rough guideline: At an ozone concentration of 180 micrograms per cubic meter of air or more, you should limit yourself to a relaxed workout, but from 360 micrograms we prefer to do without any exertion in the open air.


Recovery must be

Give your body some time to recover after running. This means: Do not rush to the next appointment in the morning and do not go to bed in the evening – otherwise you may fall asleep worse. Be careful even with icy showers! They can overwhelm the cardiovascular system. By the way: If you take off sport-free days in between, the body can not only recover better, but it also increases the training effect.


Discover alternatives

If you still can not motivate yourself to run in the heat, try something different: get on the bike and enjoy the cooling wind or pull a few laps in the pool. Cycling and swimming are great endurance sports that protect the joints – and fun! 😎

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