Rice Diet: Can I really lose weight with it?

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

The rice diet is a short motivational kick to lose a few pounds in a few days. But how does this diet work and how long can I perform it?


What is the rice diet?

You have a weakness for rice and would like to lose a few pounds in a few days? Then the rice diet could be just right for you! Rice takes the main ingredient of the meal – that is why it is one of the so-called mono diet. Due to the automatically reduced calorie intake (about 850 to 1,000 kcal per day) you can lose up to three kilos with the rice diet in a few days.

The rice diet was actually invented to treat high blood pressure. The American dr. Walter Kemper developed the diet concept to provide his patients with a low-sodium diet.

This is how the rice diet works

Depending on whether you want to lose weight with the very strict or loose version of the rice diet, the rice is combined with more or less other foods at each meal. Following the concept strictly, in the first week of diet rice is eaten daily for all three meals , with a 60 gram portion (dry weight) per day. In order to vary the taste a bit, may be some apple sauce or salad to be eaten.

In week two, then fruits and vegetables are also on the menu, from week three are fish and lean meats (for example, chicken).  It is best to drink water or unsweetened herbal tea. If we want to make the rice diet moderately, all additions (meat, fruit, etc.) are allowed from the beginning. As a result, recipes can of course vary much more.

What brings the diet?

The effect of this form of diet can be seen quickly: Rice binds water and contains a lot of potassium (especially whole grain rice, which also contains healthy fiber). This drains the body. And the rice diet has even more benefits:

  • Little calories
  • Gluten-free, therefore also suitable for celiac disease patients
  • Metabolism is stimulated

What are the disadvantages of the rice diet?

After all, the rice diet is just a temporary change in diet, which can be a few kilos disappear in the short term, but carries a great risk for the ugly Jo Jo effect in itself. The following disadvantages have the diet:

  • Very one-sided and therefore difficult to keep up
  • Low protein content, which promotes muscle breakdown
  • Unlike carbohydrates, energy comes from low carb . It can lead to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

What should I avoid with the diet?

Some foods should be completely removed from the diet during the rice diet :

  • smoked
  • Cured
  • salt
  • greasy

After all, the success of the rice diet, as with many other diets, is mainly due to its dehydrating effects. This can be motivating at the beginning of a diet change, but the diet should not last longer than a few days. The strict version should not be implemented because the body gets too few nutrients.

Extra Tips: You do not like sports? Losing weight without exercise is just as possible as losing weight without hunger . In addition, we’ll tell you here our best weight loss tips !

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