Raw Food Diet Lose Weight For Cooking Muffle

Posted: October 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

With the raw food diet the kitchen stays cold and we eat a lot of vegetable food. Can that be healthy and help you get the weight you want?


What is behind the raw food diet?

Good news for those who do not like to cook: The raw food diet is just raw on the menu! Nothing hot, cooked or roasted. Meat and eggs have never been there before, in addition we cut out all dairy products and consume virtually no carbohydrates.

Instead, on the menu: plenty of vegetables , fruits , nuts and salads . A little olive oil is allowed, so we supply our body at least minimally with unsaturated fatty acids. Fruit and vegetables can also be drunk in the form of smoothies . During the diet we eat vegan.

Is the raw food diet healthy?

Anyone who thinks to eat mostly fruits and vegetables is especially healthy, unfortunately it is too easy. The excessive amount of fiber can lead to bloating and other digestive problems, such as diarrhea or bloating – not for sensitive stomachs!

Since we are mainly fed on vegetables and fruits, our body lacks important nutrients, such as protein, which we otherwise absorb via grain products or animal products. However, the vitamin content of plant-based foods is highest in the raw state, say supporters of the raw food diet – so many nowadays swear already to cook their vegetables only gently at low temperatures, instead of cooking it.

How fast do I take off with the raw food diet?

Who decides on a raw food diet, this diet should under no circumstances perform more than a week. Fast results are guaranteed thanks to the raw food guaranteed, but the pounds are just as fast again, because we jump the yo-yo effect in the arms, as soon as we feed ourselves as usual.

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