Our Helpful Beauty Make-Up Tricks As Perfect Use In Winter

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

The weather conditions in winter are to blame that make-up in the cold season does not always hold as it should. With our tips that works very easy!


Unfortunately, winter does not always bring us beautiful things like snow. Cold, rain, wind, dry heating air – all this is causing us and our skin. It tends to cause blemishes , dryness and tension, which in turn means that our make-up does not always last as well as we would like. We have tips and tricks on how to make a winter-proof make-up easy!


1. Moisturizer

The right moisturizer provides the perfect basis for your make-up. In winter, the skin is sensitive to the cold and should therefore not be overused. Therefore, you should definitely care for your face with a richer day cream than in the summer. It is also best to use an exfoliant once a week. Facial masks provide the skin with enough moisture. 

2. The right foundation

In the summer we used Foundation according to the motto: less is more. That does not count in the winter, at least if you want to conceal redness and impurities. Above all, rich Foundations, which are enriched with valuable lipids, help in winter against red and dry spots. For on the way, we recommend Cushion Make-up, which is wonderful for repairs in between offers.

3. Mascara

Running mascara is a real nightmare. Wind brings us tears in the eyes, snow and rain do the rest, to let the black color run into your face. That’s why only one thing helps in winter: waterproof mascara! Who wears eyeliner, should also resort to the waterproof version here. 

4. Lip care

Dry lips in winter are probably no stranger to anyone. Therefore, the right moisturizer is not only important for the face. For the lips are recommended very rich lip balms and creams with ingredients such as honey or shea butter. Small bonus effect: you conjure a slight shimmer on your lips!

If you follow these four tips, winter make-up should not go wrong. So you’re sure to radiate freshness all day, even if you do not feel like it!

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