Online dating: Nothing for a long relationship?

Posted: October 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

Online dating: Nothing for a long relationship?

Online dating is bad if you are looking for a relationship for life.

In a test, about 4,000 people were interviewed about their relationships – both customers of partner exchanges, as well as couples who had met in other ways. The exciting question was: were the online partners also compatible in the long term, as the algorithm had calculated?

The conclusion: Partners who met each other online separated much more frequently from each other than couples who met each other offline. Married couples divorced more often. And amazingly, singles needed more online dating to find a partner.

A clear result – but why? Online dating is now completely normal, and hardly anyone would hide the search for embezzlement on the Internet as embarrassed as a few years ago still a contact in the newspaper.

Elsa Belly, a member of the research team at Michigan State University, has another explanation for demand: “The result was also surprising to us because online dating seems to be more effective soberly, but we quickly realized why it might not is: We make less effort to get in touch online, and maybe this casual, non-binding attitude also translates to the further development of the relationship. ”

Online dating: Nothing for a long relationship?

So many benefits online dating may have:

For a longer relationship, it’s a bad base. At least that’s what a new study claims.

Of course, the first contact in the virtual world is often looser than in “real life”. Often single-user users also make several contact requests without obligation and at the same time. But is the way of getting to know really so crucial to the quality and duration of a relationship? Hardly likely. Even before the advent of online dating, relationships after the most romantic candlelight dates broke again, while some one-night stands unexpectedly led to the relationship for life.

This is also an important point of the study: Much more important than the way of getting to know each other is how to deal with each other once you are in the relationship. Anyone who pulls the emergency brake at the first disagreement and updates his dating profile on the smartphone at the same time would also be less suitable for a long-term relationship under other circumstances. Finally, the study concludes: “It is crucial for married couples to have a higher quality of relationships to secure long-term marriage, while unmarried couples need to spend a lot of time developing the relationship to avoid separation. ”

Of course, that sounds un sexy after work and effort, listening and compromising, whether online or offline. Not in the mood for it? Also no problem: When looking for non-binding, short-term contacts, online dating remains unbeatable.

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