New Year With Your New 2019 Hairstyle Trends

Posted: December 30, 2018 by XPOFeed

New year, new hair! 2019 features bold short hairstyles, playful pony cuts and styling highlights. The most important trends at a glance: 

Hairstyle trend: short hairstyles

In the past they were considered androgynous, today they are sexy and absolutely hip: short hairstyles . The three most important are the pixie cut, the short cut and the short bob.


Pixie cut

The Pixie Cut will stay with us again in 2019. The top coat is cut up to 10 centimeters long , the sides kept short. Very popular is the short pony. The 60s look à la Twiggy looks cheeky and sweet at the same time.

Short cut

Short hair, I do not care! One step higher in the Trau-dich-Skala is the Short Cut, where the hair is cut short . The hairstyle was already fabulous singer Sinéad O’Connor in the 90s and is now celebrating a comeback. Styling advantage: You have absolutely no effort.


Short Bob

That bobs in all their lengths and shapes have long been among the classics among hairstyles? Not surprisingly. New is 2019, however, the short Bob, which is considered  the Bob hairstyle in general. A short bob is suitable for all face shapes, is suitable for every hair structure and can be wonderfully worn with or without bangs .

Fringe hairstyles are among the trend looks 2019

French Cut, Vokuhila and the classic pony  are the trend cuts in pony hairstyle. But  the micro version brings in 2019 momentum on the head. Because the good thing about a pony who needs a bit of care is that you have a haircut right away.


French cut

Casual and elegant is the French haircut for medium-long hair:  soft gradations, a lot of volume and a longer, lateral pony characterize the trend cut.


It was a trend in the 80s, after which it was laughed at – and now it’s back: The Vokuhila hairstyle. Granted: a bit we had to get used to the sight of the front short-behind long hairstyle. Designers like Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger put on their retro fashion cut at this year’s fashion shows, which – and that’s the good news – is refreshingly modern: the back of the hair is only cut to the shoulders; The pony is voluminous and dense.


Classic pony with medium-long hair

Whether slightly fringed or full and straight: The pony in combination with medium-long to long hair fits almost all face shapes , especially a high forehead. And: The look looks great for the current 70s fashion trend .


Hairstyle trends: These hairstyles are announced in 2019

In the next season it will be varied on the head: natural waves, curly hair and the bun with tail accompany us.



None of the Hairstyle Trends 2019 is as practical on long hair as this: Natural Waves. After washing, just let the hair dry in the air and incorporate some volume foam in the mane. Does not work? Then plait the hair into two loose braids before going to bed – and wake up with light waves the next day.


Power curls

For all those who are not naturally blessed with a curly hair, this hairstyle is a bit elaborate. With the help of a curling iron , the lion’s mane succeeds anyway. And: one is rewarded with envious glances.

Dutt with tail

Half Bun, Space Bun, Messy Bun – there are now countless variations of the dough. In 2019, the bun will be in the foreground with a loose tail. And so you make yourself the trend hairstyle: comb the hair thoroughly and tie a bun with a hair elastic. The last loop is not completely pulled through . That’s it!

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