Motivation With These 6 Tips You Will Be Athletic!

Motivation With These 6 Tips You Will Be Athletic!

Posted: November 3, 2018 by XPOFeed

Too cold, too wet, too dark: There are many “arguments” against sport. No matter how unsportsmanlike you are – our tips will get you started!

Create motivation

How has your sports project always failed? Probably the right motivation! So before you go to a training plan, ask yourself why you want to start now. Do you want to lose a few pounds? Then put a concrete goal on which you can work. Or do you want to train your back to prevent pain? Always keep in mind what advantage you can gain from an hour of sports.

Look for a musical background

As soon as the beat is right, motivation automatically increases. And that’s not just so said, but proven by several studies. Music can increase your performance by as much as 20 percent. So, before you start the next jogging session, you should build yourself a good playlist to enjoy the sport as well.

To meet with friends

It does not matter if your appetite for the low point or your tiredness has the upper hand: If you arrange to play sports with friends, it is harder to just cancel. You push each other, so to speak, for training, which in retrospect, yes, actually was always quite good. It’s also more fun to train together!

Use sports apps

A sports app has the advantage that you can see its sporting successes very closely. About how far you went and how many calories you used. After a period of time, you may also be pleased to progress, which in turn promotes self-confidence and motivation to carry on.

The right outfit

Trick17 for people who are unsportsmanlike. Just dress up with a chic, new workout look. After all, that can not just get stuck in the closet, it has to be “executed”. Shopping can also ensure that sport can be really fun.

Minimal effort, maximum impact

You have a hard time getting up in the morning or going to the gym after work? Then put your evening all your sports equipment ready, including water and energy bar.

What motivates us?

Many people are planning to become more active. But does that work? And how exactly, perhaps through sports or simply just more activity in everyday life? And do we also know which sport suits us at all? For this purpose, Prof. Dr. med. Froböse, sports scientist and university professor for prevention and rehabilitation in sports

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