Men Can Not Stand For Your Zodiac Sign

Posted: December 28, 2018 by XPOFeed

Every human being has his own individual quirks. And these things men can not stand for you according to your zodiac sign :


Aries always need variety and hate routine. With their restless and nervous nature, they can bring their fellow human beings (and potential partners) to incandescence.


Taurus-born want to always decide everything themselves. Other opinions do not accept them and compromise is a foreign word for them.


Gemini love to stick to the phone. Whether it’s a selfie posting on Instagram or the latest gossip being exchanged in group chat, they’re driving men crazy with their cell phone addiction.


Cancer-born are actually the born relationship people, but men can quickly put to flight with their maternal and constricting nature.


Leo women know that they are great – and like to show it. Thus, they are often conceited or intimidating others. Particularly insecure men are quick to escape.


Virgos are often the worst monks and like to exaggerate it with their. They would like to clean and clean up every man’s apartment they enter. This is very convenient, but can also annoy you!


Scales are known for never being able to decide. Most of all, they are open to all options – that can be quite annoying in the long run!


Scorpio women like to turn a mosquito into an elephant. An ill-considered word can quickly lead to a crisis. This scares off many men.


The Sagittarius woman falls in love very quickly, but feels restricted in the next moment and demands their freedom. It’s hard to tame and difficult to fix – not only confuses many men, it also often flies them away.


A spontaneous weekend trip? For the Capricorn woman unimaginable – something she must know weeks before. Unfortunately, with her unspontaneous nature, she often annoys her fellow human beings – and potential partners.


Aquarian want to try everything right away – no matter how crazy it is. Men who are less adventurous often put off.


Pisces are often inscrutable. Just now they want to spend as much time as possible with their partner, then suddenly they block and retire to their shell. Men often can not handle it.



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