Makeup Tips : The perfect lipstick for every woman

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

In addition to eye shadow and mascara, one must not miss the beauty routine: the lipstick! But how does woman find the perfect color?


Dark Chocolate, Apricot, Fuchsia or Nude? The range of seductive shades for lipsticks is endless and unmanageable. And not only that – women often do not even know if she’s the type for the color “rosewood”. There are a few simple rules that will help you decide which lipstick is right for you.

Light skin and light hair

Alabaster women are best advised to play with light and light tones. These include above all rose, peach, apricot or coral red. It is important to avoid particularly hard contrasts that would arise with dark lipsticks. Who has an ivory complexion, should also do without Nude, because this tone makes pale quickly.

Light skin and dark hair

Which lip color does Snow White have? Right, the princess with the porcelain skin and dark hair wears a strong red. Rich and warm colors like crimson are perfect for the summer type. But even with delicate violet tones or pink nothing can go wrong.

Dark skin and fair hair

Granted, this combination is rare, but there are a few beautiful lipstick tones that harmonize wonderfully with red hair. For example, shades such as gold, nougat or caramel underline the wonderful summer tan. From dark lipsticks woman should rather keep her fingers.

Dark skin and dark hair

Who belongs to the type with brown to black hair, summery complexion and brown eyes, can draw from the full. The color palette has no limits here. Creamy shades of brown, cherry red, claret, blackberry or dark chocolate are a perfect match for these ladies.

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