Losing Weight With This Dinner You Lose One Kilo Overnight

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

A kilo lose – and practically in his sleep? With which dinner you burn calories overnight, we tell you below.

You should avoid eating in the evening

A common weight loss rule is: At dinner, you should better avoid carbohydrates, because they are supposed to block fat loss overnight. A statement that is only true when two problems meet. 

First, you consume the “wrong”, that is, fast carbohydrates in the evening, which include lemonade, fruit, wheat products, rice, beer and wine. This type of carbohydrate goes straight into the blood and can not be broken down by the body. 

Second, you eat your meal far too late! Do not forget that the body needs about three or four hours to process the food. The working stomach keeps you awake or disturbs your sleep.

What you should eat in the evening

So what can you do without hesitation in the evening? Quite simply: the classic wholegrain bread. Whole grains provides fiber and many nutrients such as B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin E. regularly consumed whole grains increase even life. 

Whole wheat bread contains complex carbohydrates that are processed and split by the body differently than simple carbohydrates. The body needs significantly more time and energy for these processes, which means that the insulin secretion takes place later. As a bread companion are spreads of dairy products, vegetables, legumes or fish.This stimulates the metabolism and fat burning. But do not forget to eat the “Dinner” early in the evening.

Delicious recipe ideas for wholegrain bread with healthy spreads are available in our recipe spread to sandwiches .

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