How To Lose Weight By Jogging – Run Away The Kilos!

Posted: October 31, 2018 by XPOFeed

Losing weight by jogging is effective and inexpensive. With our program, you can run fast and easy fit and lose a few kilos in a short time!

Without losing a bit of exercise, it’s hard to lose weight (even though losing weight without exercise can work well). Losing weight by jogging is not only much more effective, it also takes up almost the entire musculature and thus makes us really fit.


Losing weight by jogging: How does it work?

Jogging stimulates the metabolism and thus the burning of fat. Keeping an eye on calorie consumption – we can only lose weight if we consume fewer calories (kcal) than we burn and consume.

Caution – beginner mistake!


Especially beginners often fall into the trap: You have just run half an hour, then you can treat yourself to the chocolate bar or a piece of pizza. But that’s what often causes you to end up with more kcal in the end than you used to in training. We should try to avoid such sins, because they are not as small as they seem. Better suited for post-workout nutrition: Healthy snacks such as nuts , whole grains or fruits and vegetables.

How do I walk correctly?

Beginners should not over strain themselves at the beginning – this is one of the most common mistakes and not only leads to sore muscles, but also ensures that the desire for jogging is quickly over. When jogging, the deciding factor is rather a slow, but as long as possible running training, the building of muscle mass and consistent perseverance. The aim is to stimulate the metabolism permanently. This is a learning process for which the body needs a little time.

The right interval training

In this slow running workout at a steady pace, the effort is easy to moderate. So you hold on rather. Because the important thing in our weight loss training is not only that you burn calories while jogging, but also after running training in the recovery phase. The “after burning” lasts approximately as long as the respective interval training. That’s when the body pulls the energy out of the fat reserves. And does not rely on the easily accessible carbohydrates from the muscle mass and in the blood, as in very strenuous runs.

In general, if you want to lose one kilo of fat, you have to save 7,000 kilo calories in your energy balance. Runners consume an average of 600 kcal per hour. Of course, it depends on height, weight and training intensity – here you can calculate your calorie consumption.

Put on power

By the way: strength training is also very helpful for long-term weight loss to build up more muscle mass. About twice a week should therefore be completed in addition to a body workout.

Outside is it cold and uncomfortable? We’ll explain why jogging in winter is really worthwhile!

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