Lose weight after Christmas: With these 7 tips tumble the pounds!

Posted: October 26, 2018 by XPOFeed

Christmas is over and the pants are barely closed? We’ll show you how losing weight after Christmas is child’s play.

At the end of the year we want to enjoy the Christmas time carefree! Whether cookies, goose or gingerbread – everywhere there are great treats! Do you also feel that Christmas is all about bridging the time between meals? 😂

For many of us, after the holidays, the already unloved view of the scales is like a catastrophe. But no worry! With our tips, losing weight after Christmas is also a breeze for you.

Lose weight after Christmas: If you follow these 7 tips, the pounds will tumble!

1. Consciously eat

  • Regardless of whether you are only concerned about three annoying kilos of Christmas weight, or losing weight with a healthy diet, you need to be aware of your food!
  • Write down in the form of a food diary best all the food that you eat throughout the day. Also, look how these affect your well-being .
  • With the help of tracking apps, you can effortlessly gain an overview of your calorie consumption. So you know exactly if you can still approve the marzipan ball in the evening. “

2. Realistic expectations

  • Fight the excess kilos: You start highly motivated in a diet, then lying in bed New Year’s hungover and full? For many of us, the new year starts so directly with a bad feeling!
  • Understand that losing weight is fundamentally a long-term endeavor and hard crash diets are not healthy. By consciously eating from now on (see Tip 1), you can plan your diet and prepare for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve.
  • 500 kcal reduced diet is perfect for losing weight. As a result, you do not have to be dizzy and dizzy and can continue to handle your everyday life.
  • By no means make the mistake of chasing after the trendiest diets! You will be slim at short notice. Otherwise, the yo-yo effect will bring your Christmas kilos back very quickly.

3. Increase protein intake

  • Proteins are the building blocks for your muscles and also super filling . With an increased intake of protein, you can also come through the day saturated with a few calories.
  • To lose weight after Christmas you can z. B. for a week otherwise recommended protein amount –  0.8 g per kg weight – double.
  • You reduce your carbohydrates according to common low carb diets. Great sources of protein are lean meat, fish, legumes or eggs . You do not have to do without carbohydrates. A great dietician: The XpoFeed Balance Bread !

4. Avoid sugar and alcohols!

  • You may of course approve of a glass of wine on the weekend or a piece of your beloved nut chocolate . You will get rid of your Christmas kilos anyway!
  • But you should limit sugar and alcohol especially when losing weight after Christmas. Both inhibit your fat burning and contribute virtually nothing to a full-fledged diet.

5. Drinking is the key to your diet!

  • We often forget to drink regularly in everyday life. You should definitely drink 2 liters of water every day. Especially when losing weight, water will be your faithful companion.
  • Too often, we also confuse hunger with thirst and quickly grab into the cookie jar. A glass of water is usually enough to combat the feeling of hunger.
  • Make it a habit to have a big glass of water right after getting up . Of course you can also drink tea. Especially at Christmas time with cinnamon or cardamom. So you do not have to give up a wintery atmosphere!

6. Exercise makes you slim!

  • Your motto is sport is murder? Do not worry, you do not have to torment yourself with the Christmas goose in the gym. Basically, it will not surprise you that exercise helps you to lose weight.
  • Try to go a few steps more in everyday life. For example, you may get off to work one stop earlier. Or do you want to give your former restricted area staircase a chance? 😉
  • Exercise and exercise are important to your body regardless of losing weight. Especially in this day and age of Netflix and office jobs we sit much too much. In the long run you will definitely find a sport that you really enjoy. It does not have to be the monotonous gym!

7. Cook fresh stuff!

  • If you are cooking your own meals , you have good control over your diet. Finished products supply you with sugar as well as many additives and flavors. Anything but healthy! Do not worry: Healthy slimming recipes are delicious!
  • And if you need a quick turn, use frozen foods . These contain by the shock freezing still many nutrients and vitamins. The kilo of vegetables and fruits are best harvested from regional cultivation .

Losing weight after Christmas: 4 practical ideas for preventing excess kilos!

  • The Christmas season runs through the whole of December. To prevent a rude awakening, you start to eat sweets in moderation on the 1st of Advent .
  • You do not have to do without a wintry spice like cinnamon, cardamom or anise ! You can use it to spice up your tea great. The spices are low in calories and make you happy – because they raise the level of serotonin! Slimming with spices we can only recommend!
  • Baked apples and marzipan are pure calorie bombs. From now on only vegetables? After all, gingerbread contains spices that are good for your stomach.
  • You should only drink mulled wine in moderation. The combination of alcohol and sugar is not exactly conducive. For a better control, you can just make mulled wine yourself . Also avoid fruit juices as they often have a lot of calories.

You are looking for a suitable diet for you? Whether  potato diet , cabbage soup diet or raw food diet : We introduce you to many interesting diets.

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