Intermittent fasting: Losing weight part-time

Posted: October 28, 2018 by XPOFeed

Intermittent fasting is just right for those who want to lose weight without a strict diet. We introduce you to the four variants of the part-time diet.

How does intermittent fasting work?

Intermittent means “interrupting”. Meaning: one interrupts his meal rhythm. The fasting phases last from several hours to a day or two. We recommend at least 16 hours, then everything is guaranteed digested and the energy storage is empty.

Conducive to fasting is the time of the evening until noon the next day, because the seven to eight hours of sleep then are integrated, in which one does not eat anyway. In the subsequent food intake, there are no restrictions.

There are four different types of intermittent fasting – you decide how long you can live without food.

Intermittent fasting: The four variants

Variant 1: 16: 8

Perfect for beginners and those who want to integrate fasting into everyday life: the fasting phase is 16 hours . If you like to eat in the evening, you can simply skip breakfast and eat until the evening over a period of eight hours as normal.

If you do not get started without breakfast , you will be served breakfast a little later than usual in the early morning.

Variant 2: 36:12

With this principle , you eat normally for one day . Overnight and the next day there is no food and fasting is broken with the breakfast the next day.

Variant 3: 20: 4

It is only eaten four hours a day . Only for a short time recommended and not for beginners!

Option 4: Single fast days

On five days may be eaten here to your heart’s content, the remaining two days of the week is fasted or the calorie count significantly reduced – works similar to the 5: 2 diet .

Perfect for those who want to lose one, two kilos or relieve their digestion.

Is intermittent fasting healthy?

Yes! Because: The metabolism has many hours to burn fat. If you do not overdo it with your meal then you can lose weight with this method – while doing something for your health: Studies show that blood pressure and blood lipid levels improve.

Are there any disadvantages?

No, prolonged starvation or in this case fasting phases are familiar to the body from the evolution, he puts it away. Our ancestors did not necessarily get something on the cave table three times a day.

Even those who fast for 24 hours, does not risk that the metabolism is down regulated and the weight goes up again (yo-yo effect). During the eating phase you should pay attention to enough fiber, vitamins and minerals and tend to consume more protein than carbohydrates.


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