Impressive party make-up with Stunning Make-up Smokey Eyes

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Impressive party make-up: “Smokey Eyes” are easy to put on make-up. 

What are Smokey Eyes?

A make-up technique that many have a lot of respect for is  Smokey Eyes . But they  are not that hard to make up, I promise. With kohl, mascara and eye shadow they even succeed in a jiffy. Depending on how dark we make them, they are suitable for both a day and evening look. The make-up technique, which features a dark eye shadow frame around the eyes, is equally popular with designers, make-up artists and celebrities. Why? Smokey Eyes conjure up deep, sexy looks, because they create a great contrast to the white of the eye and set the iris in scene.

No wonder, then, that there are always new variations in make-up trends. For example, if you like edgy and classic, you can go for black, for the everyday office look also soft shades like brown, blue or green are suitable. Eyeliner in bright colors can make the eye make-up exciting. If you prefer the clean classic, put concealer under the eyes to make the look even clearer.

And that’s what you need:

If you want to try Smokey Eyes yourself, you should first have all the important make-up and styling products on hand. All you need for the perfect eye make-up are eye shadows (ideally powder eye shadow), applicator or brush, kohl pencil or eyeliner and mascara in dark tones.

Step-by-step: How to make smokey eyes in four simple steps

So that the eye make-up also lasts for hours and does not smear or settle in small wrinkles, a careful priming is important.

  1. Step: First, degrease the upper eyelid (for example, with a cotton pad drizzled with a few drops of micellar water) and cover with an eye shadow base.
  2. Step: Then apply with a soft brush a light eye shadow to below the eyebrows.
  3. Step: Now choose a dark shade, for example black, and use it to cover the eyelid crease and the outer moving eyelid.
  4. Step: The look is rounded off by an eyeliner, close to the lash line.

Our tip: Anyone who does not pull so well in the eye line or it even more wicked, reaches for the kohl. It can easily be blended after application (with a cotton swab or eye shadow / eye shadow applicator).

Eyeliner professionals best use a liquid and waterproof eyeliner. He lasts for hours. Finally lash the eyelashes with mascara and emphasize the eyebrows with a gel or wax. Finished are the Smokey Eyes!


Smokey Eyes: These are the latest trends

If black is too heavy for Smokey Eyes: Great alternatives for smoky eyes are Smokey Eyes in gray or dark brown, green, blue or violet tones.

Norman Pohl, make-up artist of Dior , knows the trends for Smokey Eyes 2018:

Color is used as a fashion statement in make-up – whether as an eyeliner, mascara or lipstick – the exciting thing is that special effects are in the foreground: absolute trendsetting becomes extremely dull, glittering, but also metallic effects . ”

Impressive party make-up with Stunning Make-up Smokey Eyes

Small color info: Brown is the most, as well as purple, as long as the eyes are not red. Harmonious with green and brown eyes: greens. Blue is great for blue and brown eyes. But then choose the kajal darker, for example in anthracite. And to take green smokey eyes best brown mascara.

Smokey Eyes for Fast: That’s how the look works

The color intensity can be gradually increased in eye shadow, especially when applied with a brush (foam applicators bring the same amount of color on the eyelid). Metallic eyeshadows look like highlighters , matt colors bring more depth. If the eyelashes are then showered close to the neck, you save the kohl stroke.

If the look should be even easier (and a bit punky blurred), the smokey-eye effect can only be applied with Kajal. Hide the line with the applicator or the fingertip and do not forget the inking. Kajal is also ideal for contact lens wearers, it does not crinkle, and it is also especially suitable for sensitive eyes.

Smokey Eyes: Attention, you should avoid these beauty-fails!

  • Black Smokey Eyes generally look good on every guy. But beware: If you have an extremely bright iris, you should do without it. In this case, it disappears optically.
  • Caution is also required for sensitive skin. This usually does not tolerate the thick paint: it irritates and can cause itching.
  • Those who suffer from pronounced loopholes or wrinkles should resort to waterproof products. Because: With water-soluble textures the color blurs too fast. We’ll show you how to hide slippers .
  • Not a Smokey Eyes professional yet? No problem. But in this case it is better to do without an eyeliner or eye shadow color on the lower lash line. Those who are not sure about the correct application risk that the eye looks visually much smaller at the end.
  • For a perfect swing of the eyelashes first use an eyelash curler. Warm them up briefly with the hair dryer. As a result, the small hairs are better fixed in their curved shape. We’ll tell you the best tricks for eyelash teasing .

The right brush for Smokey Eyes:

In order for the eyeshadow to properly blind and give the eyes a nice finish, the right brushes should be used. For example, the “Eyeshadow Blending Brush” by Artdeco is perfect for blending through its oval tapering brush shape – from the outer corner of the eye to the eyelid and into the eyelid fold. A fine, very thin brush with bevelled bristles (eg “Angled Brush” by Douglas) can be a kohl stroke on the eyelash ring in scene. A wide, round eyeshadow brush (eg “Luxe Classic Shader” by Zoeva) contrasts bright eyeshadow nuances in the inner corner of the eye and on the eyelid perfectly. Which eyeshadow brush is right for which facial area,Read make-up brush 1×1 .

Impressive party make-up with Stunning Make-up Smokey Eyes

What are Soft Smokey Eyes?

We combine the make-up technique of Smokey Eyes with more subtle tones. The soft smokey eye look is ready.

That’s what you need for Soft Smokey Eyes:

  • Eye shadow Base
  • Bright and dark eye shadow
  • Kajal
  • mascara
  • Eye shadow and blender brush

Step-by-step instructions for Soft Smokey Eyes:

  1. Apply the eye shadow base with a brush on the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow edge. So the eye shadow can not settle later.
  2. Paint a lighter eye shadow, eg a beige, on the movable eyelid.
  3. Emphasize the outer corner of the eye with a darker eye shadow. Then paint along the eyelid crease and along the upper lash line.
  4. Now trace the waterline on the lower eyelid with a light kohl. This makes the eye appear optically larger. This is important because the darker colors on the eyelid make the eye look smaller.
  5. Also apply to the lower lash line the darker eye shadow and slightly smudge.
  6. Now the eyelashes nice black shower.

Extra tip for Soft Smokey Eyes:

So that the Soft Smokey Eyes are not too expressive, you should set the colors to lighter tones than normal Smokey Eyes. Subtle shades of brown, lighter shades of gray or even colors like eggplant are ideal.

Impressive party make-up with Stunning Make-up Smokey Eyes

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