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It’s funny how days go by and nothing happens. Suddenly you look around, the year goes by and everything seems different. These are all such subtle changes that you do not even notice them.

Time flies, you look back and you are no longer the same person you were yesterday. And that’s more than okay. You should not be the same person anymore. You should develop yourself. Work on yourself, do not be stubborn and stagnate in your development. Things will never change if you stay as you are.

Embrace the changes-the good and the bad.

If you look back, then you will realize that everything has happened exactly as it should have happened. Things always get worse before they get better. We know that in theory, but in practice it is more difficult to accept.

As time passes unnoticed, it causes minor changes and suddenly all the things you’ve been holding on to when you thought there was no way out and suddenly a road appeared.

We all are constantly learning in this life. Therein lies a true statement.

The thing that helped me the most was learning to express my feelings. Do not keep it locked in me. You explode someday and that will not end well.

I learned how to stand up for yourself. That one should not lower his head in front of everyone. But also not to wear your head too high up. Because something or someone will push him down. It is best to be modest but still proud.

My heart was broken but it is cured. I never thought that would happen. I think that miracles do happen and that time works wonders. It taught me that I still have a lot to learn-about people, about love, about the circumstances.

Not everything that happened happened the way I wanted it to. I did not want you to break my heart. Who would want that? We are all afraid of being hurt. But sometimes sadness is the way to happiness. I did not know that either. Now I know it.

All the things that have happened to me have made me more courageous and stronger.

I learned to take risks. I think this attitude has strengthened me the most. She made me grow. Because only when you do things that you are afraid of and that give you an uncomfortable feeling, then you develop further. You should run to the things you want to run away from.

These things have improved my life in every aspect.

I fall-I get up again. I live-I learn.

Sometimes I have to do that. It makes me the person I am. I like that I have changed. I am now more proud of myself. I love myself more now. All my good and bad phases are worth the years to be lived.

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