If your relationship survives THAT, you can do anything

Posted: December 11, 2018 by XPOFeed

In difficult times shows who you can really rely on? That’s right! Still, most relationships are breaking something else …

Poverty, illness, natural disasters . There can hardly be any harder tests for a relationship. Should one think so. But the separation and divorce statistics of the past years paint a different picture. 

Christmas is relationship killer number one

Above average number of separation decisions are therefore in the Christmas period. According to a statistical survey of  Facebook in 2016, December 11 was even the day on which most people broke up .

But why do so many people realize at the Feast of Love that man by their side is obviously not their dream wife or husband?

One reason psychologists suspect might be the proximity couples face when on holiday. In everyday life, both partners are so busy with their job, appointments and their gagged routine that they are more or less concerned only marginally. When suddenly everything stops for five days and they come to rest, they see the other in a completely different (ramp) light.

In addition, the holiday planning should burden some relationships.

  • What’s for dinner?
  • Whose parents do you visit when?
  • Celebrate holidays over Christmas or at home?

When two different worlds of imagination collide or get too stressful during the Christmas  planning, it can get uncomfortable – even with candlelight and the smell of the roast field.

And last but not least, some relationships will certainly fall prey to the annual end-year reflection. 

Easter and under the parasol it gets too annoying

In addition to the dark season, however, spring – that is, the period around Easter – and summer vacations break many couples. Which in turn shows that the crux is not in the feast of love per se, but rather in the circumstances. 

Of course, proximity, deceleration or holiday stress are never the real reason for separation. The circumstances only offer a chance to the aha moment. The insight that it is not true love that unites you with your partner, but rather habit and comfort. And they do not form a good basis for a long-term, happy partnership.

By the way, no matter what feast: With you and your partner have guests announced? Look here: With the 3-day rule, you save your relationship!

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