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This is the year in which I will finally put myself first.

This is the year I will be selfish. I will behave the way I like it, because that’s what makes me happy.

If I want, I’ll go for a coffee all by myself, I’ll read something and not look up because I do not want anyone bothering me.

I will do it because it makes me happy. I will not feel bad because I have not said hello to anyone I do not want to say.

If I want, I will stay awake one night just to see the beautiful sunrise in the morning. I do not give a shit if others think that’s crazy or weird.

To see the sunset means a lot to me. It calms me down, it makes me think about my life and what I want to do with it.

That’s just one of the things that make me happy, and I’ve decided that this is the year when all the things I want come true.

I’ll ignore my ex’s call the way he ignored mine when I was interested in him.

He did not have the time to talk to me. Well, I do not have time to talk to him now.

I swear to you that I’m tired of putting everyone else’s needs before my own because I’m tired of breaking my own heart. I just want to be happy.

This year, it’s time for me to focus on all the love I have.

I will be better organized. I want to spend every second of my life the way I deserve it. I want every minute counts.

I do not want something wasted. I do not want my life wasted.

I will drink insane amounts of coffee and eat the food I want to eat.

I will not take care of myself and hold myself back. I will do everything that makes me happy, because life is too short not to do it.

I know that fate has its plan for me and I can not do anything to change it so I can enjoy my life as long as it lasts.

In 2019, I will finally leave my past behind.

I will not think about my previous actions. I will not spend nights in tears wondering what I did wrong.

I want to concentrate on what to expect. I want to focus on this new year, which will open all doors for me.

I will use this year to bury my past and focus on my future – a future in which I will value myself.

Everyone gets a new chance in 2019.

This is my chance to make a fresh start. This is my time to give me a new chance to live my life the way I want it.

I’m finally ready to forgive myself and get new, exciting things to come.

In 2019, I will stop breaking my heart.

I’ll look back on the past year and all the heartaches I’ve had.

I’ll forgive myself for feeling lost and for losing things that were important to me.

I will give myself a second chance to love again.

I will forget the pain and open my heart and mind to something new and, more importantly, to something that makes me happy.

This year I am finally aware that I deserve everything that comes to my mind. This year, I am finally aware that I am responsible for my own fate.

This year I decided not to be afraid anymore. This year, I am the one who counts.

In 2019 I will love myself.

I realized that I was always worried about everyone else. I went the extra mile for people who turned their backs on me when I needed them.

I tore myself apart because I wanted to please everyone else, which made me unhappy and none of these people took care of it.

They were selfish and they were happy – unlike me.

The only thing I’ve learned is that every woman is there for herself. I have learned that happiness comes from within.

I have learned that if you do not love yourself, you can not love anyone.I have learned that if you are not satisfied with yourself, you will not be happy.

This year I will love myself so that I can love everyone else.

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