How to make him fall in love with you with 15 tips

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You think you have found the perfect man and are just waiting to hear the three little words from his mouth? Do you meet someone for a felt eternity and you still do not know where you two are? Are you trying to take your relationship to the next level without putting too much pressure on it so that the opposite effect could happen?

The truth is, you can not make anyone love you, man or woman, but you can build a relationship that inspires you to love you as much as you love him. And this is how it works:

1. Be sociable.

An uncomplicated approach is in the top five of those qualities that men seek when it comes to the one. If you write him seventy times a day to find out where he is and what he is doing, you will not fall straight into that grid. Being the “cool girlfriend” will make him fall in love with you rather than a Barbie character.

2. Feed your ego.

It may sound sexist, but it works for both sexes. You’d rather surround yourself with people who compliment you than those who do not, right?

You want him to call you beautiful and he wants to hear your compliments as well. There is a veritable art of complimenting men in an appropriate manner without coming across like a stalker. Practice this art: tell him every time he picks you up that the sweater he is wearing is your new favorite sweater and reciprocate all of his compliments. It will not feel “fake” to him as long as it is not really fake and by feeding his ego, he will be much closer to you.

3. Take the initiative from time to time.

As much as he likes to chase after you, he’ll enjoy it as much as he does now and then. Not only does this increase his ego, but he also takes some pressure from him. Men do not follow women whom they think they can never get, so do it a little bit the same and they’ll fall in love with you faster than if you do not.

4. Always smell great.

Looking good is obviously a good thing, but the sense of smell triggers much deeper reactions in the brain than just visual stimuli alone. The smell center is directly connected to the feeling center of the human brain . Odors are associated with memories. That’s why you’ll feel warm and secure every time you smell Mommy’s pot roast.

A pleasant fragrance triggers in him the emotions that make him want to be with you as often as possible. Unlike appearance, he will always think of you immediately once he has your nose smell. This is an effective emotional trigger that can get you into his thoughts more often.

5. Keep eye contact.

People who love each other spend 75% more time looking each other in the eye than the average. Do not get scary, but increase eye contact to let his love chemistry flow.

6. whisper in his ear.

The whisper of a woman in his ear makes him feel good. It is almost indecent, but at the same time very intimate. You tell him something that you do not tell anyone else and that makes him feel special. If he feels special in your presence, it creates such a connecting moment that even your hottest lingerie would not manage.

7. Be open.

And again, men will not say the three magic words unless they are almost certain that a woman will reciprocate them. If you make yourself too scarce and too afraid to open anything, he will back away because you seem aloof.

Getting you closer and still maintaining some tension is one of the most difficult steps in falling in love, but if you master it, it will be highly rewarding. I do not urge you to run to him and say the L-word, but when he starts “I love pasta, I love, I love, I love …” to say things, take the opportunity. He clearly has love for him.

8. Show him that you need him.

This goes back to the primitive hunting instinct, through which men think they are the only ones who can be “masters of the situation”. Her alpha instinct makes her want to be near her wife to help her. You can be confident and sexy and still ask him occasionally if he can fix a tight lid for you.

Remember, however, that I do not say “need help“. Avoid becoming a burdock. Just let him fight a dragon for you from time to time.

9. Laugh and play as often as possible.

Make sure everything stays playful and fun. The more fun your present means, the sooner he will want to maintain those positive feelings in the long run. Laugh at his jokes. If he is not funny or you do not have the same kind of humor, remember what you are doing for it.

Dating someone with an incompatible sense of humor is a very difficult thing; I experienced that firsthand. The guy just did not understand sarcasm. Nothing is less funny than having to explain every joke, believe me. If he does not understand you, think carefully about why he’s at the top of your list. And now have fun and laugh.

10. Familiarity does not create contempt.

The more time you spend in the initial phase of your relationship, the better. Do not bother him and do not show up where he might be, that’s just scary. If he invites you anywhere, go. If you have something that he might like, invite him. Do not give him a basket if he wants to meet you, unless it’s the middle of the night or the last minute. You do not want him to think you’re going to drop everything for him or that you come to him at 2am. Be true to yourself and at the same time make sure you spend enough time together.


11. Now go away.

After spending a fair amount of time together, give him the opportunity to miss you. It is said that women fall in love in the presence of a man, but in men it is the other way round. Give him some freedom to think about you.

Often, the mere fact that he has to constantly think of you is enough to make him wonder about your situation and the L word. After a long time in which you met regularly, you let him come to you for a while. Do not show him the cold shoulder and give him no discharge, just let him come to you.

12. Point to similarities.

It is natural to like people more with whom you have in common. Do not fool it, but make sure that he knows about common hobbies or goals.

13. Give back love.

You worry so much, you read all about how you get him to love you, but do you love him too? Make sure you do it because love is mutual. Make sure he’s worth your love. Do not follow anyone who does not seem to reciprocate. It is humiliating. If the guy you think of falls into this category, you know where you stand. Turn back a gear and think about what you are looking for. If it’s worth it, be really sure to love it before you go down that path.

14. Confidence, self-confidence, self-confidence.

A healthy self-confidence along with self-love is a proven men’s magnet. I can not often mention how essential it is to build self-confidence while looking for love. A woman who is content with herself attracts men. The reason is that she is not looking for confirmation.

15. Now throw everything overboard.

If you bother yourself too much to make him fall in love with you, things will go awry and be totally scary. These tips are helpful in getting you started, but it’s up to you to continue and not act like a stalker who agrees with everything he says and shows up wherever he is.

The conclusion – how to make him fall in love with you

When it comes to making him fall in love with you, it needs some protection from your side, as well as well-placed flirting. Be the easy-going friend who does not go to the ceiling for trifles and keep these tips in mind when you’re with him. If he is confident that his affection will be reciprocated by feeling special and needed, he will have no choice but to fall head over heels in love with you.

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