How to do proper care for sensitive skin properly

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About half of the people suffer from a sensitive skin , which is also called sensitive skin . This type of skin disorder has been steadily increasing in recent years. The signs appear mostly in the form of a red, exciting or itchy skin .

The sensitive skin reacts to corresponding influences, which usually have external causes . The causes are not always easy to deduce, including hormonal changes, a dissolute lifestyle and stress can irritate sensitive skin. Often, however, there are things that directly surround you, such as cold, UV radiation or even dry air .

This can affect individual areas of the skin or even the whole body . Also special functions of the skin can be affected.

Symptoms of sensitive skin

The symptoms of sensitive skin are extremely complex. Often, the skin tenses and may also show redness . In some cases, the skin tends to dryness and  itching appears . In addition, the skin can also shed .

Why you should definitely treat sensitive skin

The outer area of ​​the skin is the natural protective layer against all negative environmental influences from the outside. In addition, this area prevents us from losing moisture. With the sensitive skin type, however, there are widespread smaller cracks, which makes it easier for germs to overcome this barrier. As a result, this can lead to inflammation and infection . Sensitive skin is considered fine-pored , which favors the drying out of the skin and skin irritation. A malfunction of the protective function additionally accelerates the occurrence of the causes.

Causes of sensitive skin

The manifestations of sensitive skin are therefore very varied, but our tendency is often based on a genetic predisposition . While some people visibly suffer from skin problems in dry air, wind or stress situations, others have no problems with it.

Overview of some typical situations in the symptoms of persons suffering from sensitive skin

  • Applying a skin care product : This can sometimes cause itching, burning, irritation, redness and pimples. One can not avoid exchanging the care series for another.
  • Bathing and showering : Excessively long showering and bathing procedures dry out the skin and can subsequently lead to redness and scaling.
  • Hot water : If you expose your sensitive skin to hot water, you will unnecessarily burden it. In addition, the skin tends to dryness.
  • Sun : Ideally, you should avoid direct sunlight on the skin or at least apply sufficient sunscreen. Those who do not risk a sunburn with its unpleasant consequences, such as redness, itching and scaling.

It should always be kept in mind that sensitive skin reacts faster to stimuli than normal skin . A sunburn can therefore occur faster and hot water can be significantly more stressful. Sometimes there are also problems when combining the skin care of various care series. If you stay within a skin care series, you can be sure that the ingredients match each other.

What should be considered when skincare for sensitive skin

Ideally, you will find a type-appropriate skincare series. In fact, some of the skin’s adverse reactions are simply due to improper care . In many cases, switching to another product with other active ingredients is enough.

An unforgivable mistake would be to treat greasy skin with other fatty products, it seems logical that the skin can be sensitive here.

Sometimes it is also an over- care in charge, so maybe just a little too much cream is applied.
Generally, you should choose cosmetic products without alcohol , so as not to irritate the skin unnecessarily. Alcohol can threaten the protective barrier of the sensitive skin and additionally dry it out. Also, the tonic should not contain alcohol to avoid unnecessary irritation. As far as possible, mild skin care products with a neutral pH should be used.

Even the ingredients of skin care can irritate the skin. In particular, fragrances often cause irritation to the skin. It is best to use products that do not contain fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Hypoallergenic care products are always recommended, especially with the additions of allantoin and thermal water. These ensure a calming and relaxing of the skin.

In summer, it is essential to apply appropriate sunscreen . Also make sure that your face cream has an appropriate sun protection factor to catch the UV rays.

Expired cosmetic products should no longer be used as they may irritate the skin unnecessarily. Even opened products should not be used too long as they could attack the skin.

As pleasant as an exfoliation for the skin can be, with sensitive skin one should do without it better, since the skin is exposed to another further irritation. Instead, you can treat yourself with a moisturizing mask now and then.

Sensitive skin needs proper care

Sensitive skin needs special care, otherwise the most different reactions are quickly revealed . Redness, tightness or small dander can occur. Irritation and intolerance to creams and ointments are not uncommon. If a care with too much fat is used, the face shines greasy, it contains too little fat, the skin feels rough.

In every human, the upper skin layer is a protective barrier against environmental influences that act from the outside. In addition, it prevents moisture loss from the inside. Sensitive skin, which does not receive enough care and moisture, often has small cracks in this horny layer  , germs can penetrate and cause inflammation. The delicate protective cover is delicate and fine-pored, prone to redness and dryness. If the protective function is disturbed, it burns and tenses. In addition, sensitive skin usually reacts to conventional products with in tolerances or allergies. Furthermore, it is very thin, therefore tends to wrinkles wrinkles and quickly makes an “old” impression.Wrong or missing active ingredients show irritation, this is usually apparent first on a very thin skin below the eyelid .

Sensitive skin needs relaxing and soothing care products such as thermal water, bisabolol and allan tonin. If she does not get the proper care, she can dry out and look irritated. Another side effect that brings sensitive skin, are red veins. They shimmer through the skin, show on cheeks and around the nose, the technical term for this is coupe rose. They can be the result of an inflammatory skin disease, sensitive skin is prone to it. Those who have sensitive skin can support the functions of the protective sheath such as temperature regulator, fat storage and defense mechanism and thus improve the necessary barrier function.

Diet on sensitive skin

External influences can have a particularly strong negative impact on sensitive skin. It is therefore important  to eat a balanced diet and to pay attention to plenty of hydration. In particular, water and unsweetened teas are suitable for this. Only with sufficient moisture from the inside, the skin can also maintain all its functions.
On the menu should be many fresh fruits and vegetables. You should be sparing with hot spices, as they too can influence our skin reactions. Alcohol consumption should be restricted as much as possible.

Allergic skin reaction = sensitive skin?

People who suffer from a contact allergy (contact dermatitis), that is allergic to the touch of individual metals or substances, usually suffers from sensitive skin. However, anyone who has sensitive skin does not automatically qualify as an allergy-prone person.

People who suffer from sensitive skin are not to be envied because the skin can react immediately with the annoying symptoms in case of incorrect care.

It should always be ensured that the care products are suitable for sensitive skin . In case of doubt always the milder product is preferable. You should also be careful to lead a balanced lifestyle without much stress. Also, exercise and sport can have a positive effect on skin diseases. If you finally managed to find a suitable skin care line, you should not change it again, so as not to be exposed to the same problems again.

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