How Does Every Sign Of The Zodiac Find Peace And Serenity?

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We are all looking for the inner place where peace is. But every sign of the zodiac finds a different way to peace and serenity.What does it mean to be calm and relaxed? Does it mean that we hide our environment for a moment and are quiet for ourselves? No. Rather, finding balance means that everyone finds his inner source of peace, harmony, and balance. Because then we can stay with us in phases of hectic rush and external over stimulation and yet be present and powerful in the outside.

Capricorn (22.12 – 20.1)

Capricorn Women are characterized by a rich potential and enormous claims. Blessed with discipline, foresight and a sense of responsibility, they are frequently found at the junctures of power and decision. The track record of putting success into focus is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Time can not be wasted, the engine that drives forward can also be stressful. But putting life on a single pillar can be a risky business. And exhaust in parallel, because discipline and self-restraint become second nature.

Resting and relaxing to “prescribe” certainly does not work. Self-restraint dissolve, and especially this leads to inner tension, succeed in ibexes only about conscious letting go of the claim to have to control all impulses, emotions, desires and adaptations. External events included as equal as possible. To affirm the acceptance of one’s own powerlessness, perhaps even to recognize its inherent wisdom, is salutary meditation practice to come to peace with oneself.

The Mantra – “In addition to the fine art of completing things, there are also the, sometimes unfinished” – is made for ibex. To practice deceleration, following the Eastern wisdom that much haste also makes aimless, is heartfelt. Achieving performance peaks in a calm, flowing motion is good regulation. Qi Gong, hiking, mountaineering, walking meditation, embracing trees to absorb their calmness and strength are Capricorn healing rituals.

Everything that has anything to do with earth has a balancing effect. Setting up an inner garden that can be visited in times of stress and hustle and bustle is a place of refuge and silence. Working with healing stones, especially the rock crystal, or meditating in the stone circle, connects with the inner strength. To create sculptures, frescoes and reliefs is a pleasurable medium to leave spirits of thought and express concrete and creative inner states of being. But the classic Capricorn meditation is Contemplation or Soto Zen. Nothing expands one’s gaze to the meaning of being and what lies hidden in beauty and bliss inside. Playing or listening to Bach fugues gives you inner order and a feeling of deep security.

Aquarius (21.1 – 19.2)

Hardly any zodiac sign comes so rich, but also so ambivalent equipped, as the Aquarius. Spiritual independence and the ability to think outside the box are two privileges. Compassion for the disadvantaged brings the inner revolutionist into action. Being a bridge builder is on top. The wide spectrum of perception required for this always involves being sensitive to reception. The shadow means being in confusion.

Whoever moves a lot in the outside world, does not want to leave anything in a state of unwholesome state without wanting to force change, needs inner support, which only arises when he pauses. What is possible with Aquarius only when the tension gets out of circulation. Dancing, stepping, fast, wild, following your own rhythm, is a good way to get away from it all. The wisdom of the Jewish Hasidim, which states that when life becomes heavy and disharmonious, singing and dancing bring back the lost confidence and hope, Aquarius is pure.

To celebrate the constructive chaos is also a means to make inner centers of power flourish, even if it sounds paradoxical. To maintain spiritual balance, to be in harmony with oneself, succeeds only when the inner contradictions, which actually represent motivation and uniqueness, are lovingly affirmed. After the Buddhist wisdom: Accept, allow, give space!

This also creates in the outer space for everything that wants to express wonderful possibilities. Making Collages, Glass Works, Finger Painting, Relaxation, Keeping the connection with the inner soul chambers upright, the indestructible force that is located there, works perfectly with breathing work. Holotropic breathing according to Stanislav Grof goes beyond soothing breathing and provides direct access to the soul matrix, the unconscious. Likewise to the knowledge of being suspended in a cosmic order.

The most helpful Aquarian meditation, however, is the Osho dance meditation or the Sufi Whirling Dance. Exercise helps to immerse yourself in the pool of tranquility. The work with Zen koans, seemingly paradoxical theorems that can not be grasped by logical thinking, stops the tormenting carousel of thought. Paradoxes are Aquarius essence and inspiration. That’s why the mantra is also called: Ride your horse on the knife’s edge! Flying, whether paragliding, gliding, parachuting, is Aquarius passion and possibility to let the soul grow wings.

Pisces (20.2 – 20.3)

Pisces are subtle and sensitive. With them the planetary circle closes. But this sign also represents the wisdom that there is no beginning and no end. As a connecting force between the earthly and the cosmic, Pisces play a special role. They are medial, clairvoyant, spiritual, but also animated with incredible power. It enables them to respond to the challenges of this life in a salutary way. Moreover, it is a helpful regulator, so as not to dissolve in the limitless.

Pisces are strong because they live from their devotion to their vocation and draw their strength from it. Bhakti yoga, the absolute affirmation of the cosmic thought, is Pisces Karma. That’s why they can not act against their inner plan. To put oneself permanently in the service of a higher cause is the heart’s demand, but it can also be exhausted. Not neglecting self-care should therefore be mindfulness training.

Buddhist metta mediation, which trains self-awareness and self-forgiveness, is especially beneficial for finding harmony and inner peace. That borders and self-defense are also something salutary, Pisces is recommended. Realizing this with Aikido, the spiritual martial art that uses the power of attack as a lever for defense, is also an ideal way to cultivate balance and balance.

Activating the spiritual warrior at the same time is a precautionary measure in order not to become involved in victim hood. It enables one to respond courageously to the feeling of inner helplessness that Pisces sometimes incurs. Pisces privilege is also to recognize the healing power that lies in the acceptance of the helplessness that can come over in the earthly.

Peace and inner contentedness also attract Pisces via Kriya Yoga. Singing, whether or sacred sounds or simply of heartfelt songs, is also meditation. Poetry brings something to sound in Pisces and resonates with the inner song. Wise old texts, even reading the I-Ging gives a feeling of unshakable serenity. Daydreaming, a Pisces favorite, is not a self-lost dozing, but deep relaxation, which also creates a new reality. Playing the harp, painting soul pictures, watching films with desert images, all this gives away the hustle and bustle of everyday life and inner peace.

Aries (21.3 – 20.4)


The Pioneer in the Zodiac is endowed with enforcement, initiative and impulsive. With Power, Aries is the creator, creator of their own reality, which is constantly at the limit and almost as an incentive. To brave the existence of action is the credo of being in the heat of the moment, a possible trap. To pass over signals of the body is the crux. Aries love their bodies. Styling the perfect body is a real aspiration, especially with sports in all variations.

What is ideal in parallel to become your own power master. Because also a wealth must be handled so that it does not turn against one’s own intentions. And that’s the art that Aries has to cultivate in order to stay balanced mentally, mentally and physically. Everyday workouts are a pleasurable prerequisite for getting your own strength or putting it into a format that serves your own purposes. Since even such positive activities as fitness can develop an addictive factor, it makes sense not to favor only one discipline, but to introduce variety into the program.

Contrary, Aries are by no means nonspiritual and even love bodywork with philosophical and humanistic under- or superstructure, so power yoga is good for finding your own center. Meditative running, in varying rhythm, to meaningfully address the heart and circulation clears the gaze and empties the mind of useless ballast. Climbing focuses all attention on the current moment, everything mentally afflicted has to resign. Kendo is Aries-like. It trains the ability to make decisions, builds the body and helps to be totally in the here and now.

When Aries want to raise and balance their soul, Alexander Therapy is the drug of choice. It is always positive to find a place of contentment and harmony in oneself. It is artistic activity. It would be fun to be a blacksmith, with a welding torch, for example with cutting-edge technology, or paint in the style of very young, avant-garde savages. All this makes the soul free. Windsurfing and white water rafting as well. Trekking tours, if possible alone, are adventures and the direct encounter with the self.

Taurus (21.4 – 20.5)


Uniformity and clarity are not synonymous with equilibrium. They are Taurus, keepers of history and tradition, beauty, culture, the arts and the art of loving. Especially to escape the trap of holding on to the moment. They are by no means temperamental beings.

Internal turmoil and intense emotions are not alien to them, though not really welcome. Keeping these in check is both a requirement and an effort. That can also affect your health. Energy has to flow to prevent stagnation. A condition that can arise due to too much static. Celebrating erotic sensuality without any restriction is a pleasurable opportunity to create a harmonious flow of energy. In parallel, sexuality is also a way to find the depths of the soul and really feel their needs.

And that even if not the spiritual variant of Tantra is chosen. His statement is that the energy can only develop when fulfilled sex opens the root chakra, which includes vitality and basic trust. Everything pleasurable brings Taurus into harmony with themselves. This includes the music, to which Taurus have a special affinity, whether playing the violin, singing, gladly in the choir, or opera visits. Heart and soul are in positive vibration.

Devotional cooking orgies, in which new compositions are tried, a good wine is tasted, as delicacies Italian opera arias are heard, puts Taurus in the highest spheres, the senses in a well-tempered state. Sport is not necessarily the Taurus passion. But line dance or square dance have a certain magic. Bowling and bowling also, as well as joint bike tours or classic hiking.

Taurus love plants and flowers! The work with earth grounds and has a meditative effect. Also artistic work such as weaving or spinning. Garden arrangement brings thoughts and inner dialogues to rest. The classic Taurus meditation is the forest walk. All loud inner voices are silenced. Buddhist meditations or visualizing mandalas are also Taurus-like, after all, Gautama was Buddha Taurus. Chi massage relaxes, just as a Thai massage dissolves deep tensions.

Gemini (21.5 – 21.6)

The lively zodiacal sign that sparkles with liveliness is Gemini. They constantly parley on multiple levels and favor multitasking. All the wonderful qualities that make the living exciting. But Full speed can also be extremely stressful. And the Gemini shadow, the danger of getting bogged down, makes itself felt. How fortunate that Gemini are eager to supplement your everyday life with relaxing activities. But the power comes not from the rest, but from the action.

To leave everything disturbing behind, Gemini succeed in jogging, although this has a more positive effect if additional equipment such as heart rate monitor or app is not used. From the original desire to act out, relax. Reading books is the quieter version of relaxation. Whether thrill stories or travelogues – when literature captivates, an unlimited space opens up and the soul comes to rest. Even traveling to distant lands, such as the Trans-Siberian Railway to China, is meditation, albeit the exclusive option.

The classic exercise to tame the dreaded monkey mind that keeps you mentally alert is the mantra or TM (transcendental) meditation, which restricts restless thought circles to convey inner clarity. When emotional conflicts block progress, as well as decision-making, working through writing is helpful. Sorting, clarifying, arranging – this is how Gemini find the red thread again. The biography work is ideal soul work in Gemini.

The artistic expression must not be neglected, it is the medium to find a way to inner desires and soul spaces. Painting is self-absorption! Breath work, like to Midden village, which has created the term “Breathable Breath”, is a way to build inner peace and strength. When the tension reaches a real climax, one thing especially applies to Gemini: exhaust. Mountain biking, karate, which is not a simple martial art, but also has a spiritual aspect, are the options to first get down and come to yourself. Let thoughts flow, playfully succeeds in painting sand pictures.

Cancer (22.6 – 22.7)

Complex and complicated, empathetic and endowed with an impatient mind, cancer women are a mystery to many. The strong mood barometer can keep fellow human beings in suspense, sinking into their own emotional depth, is then the cancerous shadow. Her healthy and profoundly psychological approach and assessment also make her a much-sought-after advisor. How good that crabs can say no. Nevertheless, to act as a helper and conflict solver, while managing one’s own, often stressful, because emotionally circulating life, is not an entertainment program.

If you do a lot, you have to replenish your own fitness reserve regularly. Crabs feel that, how the feeling is anyway your preference. On the other hand, this gift can also be energetic. The place and place to gather and rear up mentally is the bed of crabs, the beloved zone of rest in the home. When crabs are hit harder or disappointed by life, they prefer to retire, preferably in cuddly pillows that provide a sheltered space. Even reading in bed is pure relaxation. All this is not an expression of weakness, but a salutary strategy to balance the balance of souls.

Distracted dreams, also Katherine’s picture life, connect with hidden soul intentions and make inner messages transparent, which show what went wrong. Also, listening to blues is sourly slavery and helpful in mourning one’s own processes, even painful ones, at first to be able to affirm them in the affirmative. And: Cancers are extremely sensual beings. Relaxation over pats and touches are special favorites. To find and give warmth and security in cuddly groups is cancer-like and a way to let oneself fall.

Also, massages, Indian, Hawaiian or Jade thermal massage, provide deep relaxation and respiration, inhaling calm and serenity. As crabs are one of the soulful watermarks, water is also a remedy and a fortifier. Thalasso treatments deepen the soul’s well-being. Simply drifting in the water, lets forget all earthly heaviness, is medium, to make your own trance trips. Spiritual wisdom is a guide for cancer women. Working with the Tao is the soul of studying whether Tao yoga, Tao drums or Tao texts. The loving-kind meditation brings to the center of the soul, into the deep silence.

Leo (23.7 – 23.8)

Leo is a proud, royal character and likes to claim this privilege. To develop pride, respect, dignity and integrity are part of the life mission. To lead, to guide and to coach results from it. This is possible only from the power of a loving heart. Heart’s wisdom and greatness of heart are then lion privileges. Making life out of full affirmation and with full awareness can be profoundly satisfying, but also exhausting. To indulge in one’s own grandeur is the shadow to be avoided.

This can not be done without self-awareness and self-care. Leo are artists, think large-format and create just such works of art. Painting, designing, producing films, plays – all this is lion-genius and the opportunity to direct the overflowing energy into meaningful, meaningful channels. Acting and finding oneself is the same with Leo. Everything touching the heart builds up. Soul music harmonizes, orchestral music also listen, make music, like to play bass violin, convey moments of pausing. They are helpful in keeping the soul in spite of eventfulness. The lion sport is and remains golfing. And that is also a heart-friendly variant, because the heart is associated with Leo, origin of the actions and impulses, but also sensitive and vulnerable.

That is why core therapy is also the salutary approach to giving the heart rest and strength. Shiatsu is true relaxation, serves the dissolution of blockages, which arise when everything that comes along great should also flow into life. Always approaching one’s own being succeeds ideally via Rajah Yoga. The eye is also astrologically lion-like. So that which caresses the eye, looking into the green or blue, let artworks work on itself, but also the visualization of colors and images, is the lion power source. Also the sun salutation, which is not only a morning reference to the sun, but gives peace and confidence. To go into the seraglio, to be pampered, is the deepest form of denial, acupressure, especially when certain points are triggered, the calm, strength, sovereignty, Boosting self-esteem and gratitude is especially beneficial. It may be luxurious. A Cleopatra bath is completely Leo.

Virgo (24.8 – 23.9)

Virgo are the salt of the earth: efficient, analytical, perfectionist, whereby one’s own standards are hardly to be satisfied. They unflinchingly fulfill their duties without complaint. Where the cosmos has put it. Social work, energetic and empathetic at the same time, is Jungfrau-Metier. Helping others to work their way through the adversities of being, offering help for self-help is a great gift, but it also attacks your own energy system.

Virgins must be careful not to freeze. How good that they know how life force can be used and prolonged. Good nutrition is self-understanding, also because Virgo are familiar with the Eastern wisdom that the belly is the source of life and strength. And like to practice the exercises of Hara, which enable you to gather all the strength in the depths of the abdomen. A nice condition to never get out of balance, whether mentally or physically. Clarity, silence, centering are the result.

Very Virgo-like is hatha yoga, it is a way to inner stabilization. Hatha yoga also represents the harmonious union of Ha (sun-energy) and Tha (soul and silence). Virgins give much and can not affirm themselves well, if the principle of useful doing is not paid homage. Therefore, the path to inner peace is more about staying in action. Calligraphy, the art of calligraphy, especially the Islamic variant, demands devotion and concentration at the same time and takes the soul into other cosmos.

The aspect that always a small mistake must be incorporated into the work of art is almost a therapy for perfectionist Virgo. According to Eastern doctrine, it is reserved exclusively for the divine to create the perfect. Totally relaxed in the here and now are Virgo in the artful design of jewelry, embroidery pictures, but also gardens, especially in Zen style.

And in dealing with animals. Caressing pets has a stress-relieving effect, touching and opening the heart. Stress relief, with Virgo extremely salutary events, is also about Jin shin jyutsu, the healing currents, ideal. The Tuina massage is a means to unwind. Pure indulgence, and that is not a luxury claim, is the visit to the hammam, aroma therapy, even sauna visits flatter the senses. They are helpful for throwing ballast. Zen Buddhist zazen is the Virgo meditation that gives inner silence and refuge.

Libra (24.9 – 23.10)

The multi color potential, which also makes a multiplicity of realization possible, is a cosmic gift, but also a possible crux. For where and start with what fascination? What to prefix, what to postpone to later? This can become tormenting questions that Libra women, who do not want to make any wrong decisions, can do. The Libra Shadow means getting stuck in decision-making.

Also, the permanent reference to others, including the case of projection, which snaps shut very quickly on scales, requires mindfulness. No pure fun program, as many of the Libra like to submit envious. Libra has its bumps, its bumps and stress factors. But, as well as that scales also have a large repertoire of possibilities to bring themselves into positive vibration. Art, in all variations and forms of expression, whether painting, designing, making music, photographing or dancing are lustful souls. And a path to inner, elastic stability that comes from the affirmation of one’s own being.

Tango is the erotic variant to hide everyday life. Becoming one with the rhythm The art of movement Eurythmy is also Libra-like, as is Tai Chi, the meditation in motion. Even more wild forms, such as aerobics to music, provide inner balance. Ballet, whether experienced as an artistic performance or exercised by oneself, helps to connect oneself completely with the beautiful, also in the movement. Encounter and relationship are elemental life issues in Libra women. Everything that comes across here is inspiration to meet and find oneself. The physical and experiential psychotherapy method represents a deep encounter with one’s own ego: who are you? Which actually expresses: Who am I? Partner massage, the pleasurable way to feel yourself more,

Celebrating beauty always represents Libra need, and heals, also known as cadre, the path of flowers, is the meditative, artistic arrangement of twigs and flowers and makes all unrest disappear. As well as Ayurveda is quite Libra-like, whether forehead watering, four-hand synchronous massage, balancing – it puts you right in the middle of being. And: self-absorption is looking with empty eyes, no concentration, no expectations, just looking!

Scorpio (24.10 – 22.11)

If someone demands everything from life, they are scorpions. Intensity makes life particularly exciting and extraordinary, but also engages heavily in the energy system. “Whatever happens, life goes on” would be a salutary mantra that scorpions should follow more. Giving things away, instead of having to settle everything by yourself, entrusting challenges to a higher-level, friendly authority, would make life easier, even promote good momentum. And to stop the inner demons, who, in the face of their claims, bring them near to self-destruction.

Starting where one is, letting processes flow, then is the way and can be truly practiced with meditation, especially the latter is especially associated with scorpions. There is a deep connection to Tibetan Buddhism, and also the painting of mandalas clears mind and mind and brings chilled emotions to rest. Beginning the day with the exercise of the Five Tibetans, combined with inner strength, is a healing combination of fitness and relaxation. The Tibetan singing bowl massage is a good vibration to re-harmonize disordered energy fields.

Scorpions respond well to energetic impulses anyway, which is why homeopathy is ideal, in which even the spirit-like effect, not the material. Balancing forces is a requirement for high energy beings to find peace and serenity. Since scorpions also have and have to express enormous sexual energy in order to develop a life-strengthening power, erotica is also a force-sender. It activates lustful vitality and self-preservation. But it may also be the slightly refined kind: Tantra, the art of sexual ecstasy, but also Tantra massage, are souls of the dead, the Hawaiian massage, gives a sense of deep well-being, Yin-Yoga gives power and is the gentle spiritual path to the inner center.

Of course, exercise and sport should not be missing, because energy outliers are meaningfully transformed. Spiritual martial arts correspond to Scorpio, because they combine martial arts with the spiritual content of Zen Buddhism. Japanese sword training also trains concentration and mindfulness, all that scorpions do. Water is also the associated healing element! Water Shiatsu, the Chinese body therapy, dissolves hardening and stagnation in the physical and mental. Playing the cello is also meditation, though of a different kind, but it brings about inner gathering. With Scorpio, retreats deepen the view of the meaning and purpose of being, the real value of which is revealed only through silence.

Sagittarius (23.11 – 21.12)

Sagittarius are cosmopolitan and interested in many ways, always looking for world-changing knowledge and magical experiences. They travel a lot and are driven around. Adding new dimensions to life keeps you in a positive state of tension, but sometimes leaves you in the fast lane, and even the fieriest spirit and organism, and Sagittarius is a fire sign, will not endure well in the long run.

Who races through time and space, needs dynamic meditation to find peace. And to the own essence, which prevents at the same time, to fall to the shadow, which means to get lost in the jungle of the fascination or to fall into excess. The meditative martial art is Sagittarius-like and helpful in finding peace and clarity with the power of the mind. Even desert experiences that open the inner space like no other adventure, are pure-shooter. Trance travel, like shamanic origin, corresponds to Sagittarius, who are especially interested in anthropology. Drumming, which expresses emotions, helps to lift the soul into higher spheres and helps develop healing power, brings deep relaxation. Like visionary work, at the same time creating a new future.

Riding, dealing with horses, is also a path to oneself here, because through relationship and dialogue with the horse, the “I” becomes more aware and the healing power of the horses can trigger something deeply transforming. Escaped, and this must necessarily take place during the high-speed life of the shooter, is ideally achieved by the lotus space, a massage with essential oils. The vino therapy, massage and baths with grape seed oil and vine leaves, relaxes and serves beauty. Far Eastern it has done to the shooter. In the Raul they recharge their batteries and let go of all earthly gravity. Also for therapies of the Aborigines are open to shooters, whether flower drops or didgeridoo play, which corresponds to the melody of the soul. And failed, it must necessarily be with Sagittarius.

Sport should not be missed in order to have a good body feeling, the way of the gentle warrior, judo, but also jazz dance, modern expressive dance, is acting in pure culture, tension is transformed into aliveness. The Sagittarius meditation that truly touches the heart is Osho creation. The unusual, spiritual teacher who has postulated freedom, the courage to experience beyond the traditional, as the most important step corresponds to the Sagittarius spirit. “Live wild and dangerous” is the mantra! Active meditations enlighten being.


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