Hicks! When diets were still fun – and still worked

Posted: October 27, 2018 by XPOFeed

While we mix today joyless powder, one took in the Seventies still with well chilled white wine from. What are we doing wrong?

Today you have to work hard to lose weight

What have we become for a joyless nation? Tilt us yellowish powder, dissolved in lukewarm tap water behind the bandage. Gulping down green vegetables, though we long for a bath full of warm chocolate pudding. And even then go to the Cross fit, if we are already so broken from all the everyday, that we would rather put in said tub.

There were times when carbohydrates were skillfully replaced by alcohol

In the past, however, losing weight was accompanied by enjoyment. The net now appeared on a diet that comes from a seventies edition of “Vogue”. The method of weight loss advocated there was pleasurable and joyful – and even anticipated the findings of the 2010 low carb era by largely dispensing with carbohydrates . The fasteners that so flatter our soul have been skillfully replaced by the little pleasures of alcohol.

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In the “wine and egg diet”, not only did you lose almost a kilo per day, you also took a whole bottle of well-chilled white wine , topped with some hard-boiled egg and black coffee.

In the evening there was a decent piece of steak on the plate, presumably so that you did not have to drink the rest of the bottle on an empty stomach and you could start the next morning unimpaired into the new diary: with a first glass of dry Chablis’ or Riesling for breakfast, according to personal taste.

With this diet, the day was your friend

How wonderful: A diet that not only tasted and lifted the mood almost as reliably as a bathtub full of pudding, you did not even have to cook big.

High time that we return to the hedonism of the Seventies and work a little less dogged on our figure! To roar it with the ’73 Roberto Blanco roughneck: “It must be a bit of fun!” Anyone who dances neatly takes a bit away from them.

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