Here with these 8 ways make him miss you badly

Posted: January 2, 2019 by XPOFeed

I have already described how to recover your ex, but I have not yet talked in detail about how to make him miss you. We talk about that today.

At the beginning, I want to make it clear that you do not miss anybody who is still there, but you miss him when he’s gone, right?

This is very easy, but after a break it should definitely be mentioned as people usually overlook it. Your first instinct is probably to maintain contact, so he will not forget you. That does not work! He can not miss you and find that the separation was a mistake when you are in his environment.

This brings us to the procedure you need to go through for your ex to miss.

1. Give him time and space.

Give up contact. Separate all ties to him. Right now “silence is gold”. To make him think about you, you have to be 100% absent. Although it sounds simple, in reality, especially after a long relationship over months or years, it is very difficult (here are some things you can do instead).

His own imagination is your secret weapon to get him back. You have to give him time to forget about the negative aspects at the end of a relationship and put on the pink glasses. In addition, giving up contact gives you time to think about separation – and this perspective is priceless.

Although I usually recommend solving all connections through social media, do not – if you want it back. However, if you want to reorient yourself, this is the time to press “Delete”.


More important than anything, the no-contact mentality is for a while – at least a month, if not longer. By cutting yourself off from him, he starts missing you and wondering what you could do with it.

2. Do not answer his messages.

In addition to not writing to him for several months, do not answer his messages as long as it’s not a shared business or your kids.

I know it can be heart break difficult if you want him back, but do not do it yet. Give it a month or two and THEN you can start winning it back.

3. Allow yourself to release the pain.

I have already described my method how to get over an ex and here you read how you stop thinking about him.

By clinging to old memories, you will not get it back – sustaining the separation pain only hurts you. Concentrate on remembering the good times together as you move away from the separation pain. Often, people unnecessarily prolong the “wait” until they are happy again because they falsely think they need to feel really bad to let the spark go again. Nonsense. By allowing yourself to get over the pain, you automatically become a happier, more productive person and that is far more valuable and fulfilling than pure despair.

4. Do not hang your head.

I know that separations hurt like hell. You may blaspheme a little, but first try not to do it in public and second, suppress it if possible.

Put on the public (which includes social networks) a happy face. Not over the motto “look at me, I’m soooo happy”, just positive.

DO NOT post any dirty details regarding the segregation in social networks. Only talk to people about your breakup, who definitely will not talk to your ex about it. That means your best friend – yes; common acquaintances – no.

Yes, you are creating an illusion, but that’s important. Leave everything that has to do with separation in the past.

5. Do not spy on him.

This goes hand in hand with the abovementioned contact abort, but it’s worth its own point because it happens so often and it may not feel like you’re looking for direct contact.

Do not spy on him on the internet, do not drive past his house and do not meet him “by accident” somewhere where you both stay regularly. It’s about overcoming the addiction to your ex. If you do all that, then we understand each other. But now it’s about focusing the focus back to where it belongs, namely to you.

6. Live your life and redesign it.

This means meet with friends, make new friends, follow your hobbies, and move forward. You have to find new routines that do not include your ex.

Now is the time to redesign your look by getting in shape, changing your hair, and / or experimenting with new clothes. Pick up a hobby or find something back for something that you burned right once. It’s time for you to expand your wings and change your life in a positive way.

7. Avoid obvious efforts for his attention.

Do not try to purposely make him jealous by posting photos of yourself with others on social networks. That comes over wrong and desperate. Do not deliberately talk to common friends about how well you are. Stay focused on yourself.

8. If you feel like doing something, EGAL WAS, wait and see.

In terms of separations, desperate reflex reactions are 99.9% completely wrong. It’s perfectly normal that you absolutely want to do something to get his attention. Do not do it.

By distancing yourself, you give him the opportunity to come to you. That’s what you want, right? Give him time for that.

You want him back? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

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