Here With 5 signals, you make strong relationship

Posted: January 23, 2019 by XPOFeed

You fear that your relationship is over? Or do you want to know that everything is ok? Then pay attention to these five body language signals with you and your partner.

Is it normal for us to go so often? Should we no longer feel like each other? Is he angry with me, but does not tell me? 

Often it is not so easy to see how your relationship is. Because we’re in the middle of it, we want it to work, and maybe we’re afraid to be alone. There are only obvious signals that tell us whether our relationship is at an end or on a good path …

Well, according to body language experts, there are! Some of our facial expressions and gestures even reveal things about us that we do not even realize. And so, with some attention, we can also look at our partner or ourselves as we really stand together. We should pay particular attention to these five signals.

1. smile

The positive effect of a smile is known: happiness hormones, a sense of connectedness, good mood. Therefore, the small, inconspicuous and often underestimated gesture – one hardly believes it – is also an important and central component in relationships. But when we are in conflict or annoyed with a human , we have a hard time with an honest, liberated smile. Let’s try it, the smile seems toned, tense or forced. So pay attention to how the smile of your partner affects you: Does he press his lips together? Are they getting smaller? Maybe he will be mad at you then …

2nd foot position

Not without controversy, but many behavioral researchers agree that our foot position reveals more about us than we might like. With sympathy and affection, according to scientific observations, we turn our feet on people, turning them outward or closed in a different direction, signaling the distance . So: on the next date or dinner, just let your eyes wander under the table and check your foot postures. If your feet are permanently away from each other, that could be a bad sign.

3. Eye contact

Does he look at you often, does he often seek eye contact? Top! Then probably many things are fine with you. Apart from the gaffer phenomenon, people also enjoy watching what they like and what they are filled with positive emotions . However, if he avoids your eyes and avoids them more – that speaks for the fact that something between you is not right.

4. Physical proximity / distance

When you sleep in the same bed: Does he always fall asleep with his back to you? When you’re with friends, are you turning away from him to talk to others? If he puts his arm around you: Do you feel a distance between you, is there still a lot of room? All of these can be indications that you are just drifting apart emotionallyAs a couple you do not even have to hold hands constantly and exchange caresses. But if a partner uses every space to keep his distance, there’s probably more behind …

5. eye rolls

Shudder, eye rolls, eyebrows pull up slightly – we do something unintentionally, more or less instinctively. The nasty: Whoever spends a lot of time with a human being against whom he feels a distaste in the deepest interior – sooner or later, such a rejection gesture will slip out of him. Sure, if you argue and he casually rolls his eyes, it’s probably about the fight, not you. But should you catch him or her more often without any real reason in such gestures, when you are two, a clarifying conversation is more than appropriate.

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