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The soul is in the brain and is too often ignored, says Layla- and calls for regular check-ups.

They refer to the soul as an organ. However, as the subtitle of your book says, you can not see it other than heart or liver.  : But we can watch her at work.

Modern technical methods make it possible to determine which areas of the brain are particularly active in images, feelings, etc.

And the area that primarily drives us and is responsible for our feelings is located relatively deep in the brain: limb system, amygdala, hippo campus are called these structures. You can say that’s our soul.

Bella works as a therapist in Hamburg. Her new book has been published by Mosaic (352 pages, 16 euros).

Whether the liver is healthy, studies show. But what is the state of mind of the soul, and how do you determine it?That’s exactly what’s difficult. Of course there are diagnostic criteria, but more likely to detect a disorder.

However, I do not necessarily have to go to the doctor to understand that two liters of beer a day are bad for my body.

What I mean by that: Many do not know enough about psychological connections and mechanisms of action between body and soul.

If we knew more about the soul, we would also rather know if it is in the green zone. 


That something is wrong with my soul, I always get along when things repeat, when I offend, fly out of the job, getting to know the wrong men.

What we like to do then is to say: boss silly, man stupid, all stupid. Instead, I would like to ask the question: What is actually happening in me?

One should go in more often

A/c To therapist About personal responsibility:

So the realization that you have got yourself into your own misfortune ...No, it’s not about guilt,


I’m responsible for what I do or do, and only in my area of ​​responsibility can I change anything. Our body constantly adapts, for example when we go from warm to cold.

And also our soul succeed in these adaptation processes. But she even gives us signals, but unfortunately many ignore the first time.

And it’s a clever move by the soul to interact with other organs. Only then, when we get a gastritis, we take our health true and serious.

“That’s psychic”, but you usually do not like to hear when things are going badly. Yes that is true. In a conversation, the sentence is often perceived as an offense, because there is still a stigma.

The lack of knowledge about psychological relationships triggers many fears. By the way, also with medics.

 I think it would be nice if they kept an eye on the psyche in all areas. Instead, the diagnosis of “psychic” is what’s left over if you can not find anything else – like black Peter, whom nobody wants.

To have the body checked, go to the doctor regularly. Do you recommend that to the soul as well?Oh yeah! I sincerely hope that the health insurance pay once or twice a year a soul check-up to see if everything is OK.


Because of course, if you intervene in case of problems early, also faster to achieve a change.

  As a therapist , I encounter many prejudices – health slaps, funny clothes, half-baked talk.

 After the first session, the patients are relieved and say: I could have come ten years earlier.

 In addition, when learning to go to the therapist and I know what to expect, there is less inhibition to seek help when something is really there.

Conclusion: Lots of knowledge, yet easy to read – and a good guide to get in touch with yourself.

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