Here why we should use MORE as a concealer A/c To Experts 😍

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Here why we should use MORE as a concealer A/c To Experts

You think you only need a concealer?¬†Wrong thought!¬†We’ll explain why make-up professionals¬†Experts always recommend using more than one product.

Anyone who gets angry about his dark circles every day, of course, goes to¬†Concealer¬†.¬†But what many do not even know: So that the result looks really natural and almost perfect, one is not enough.¬†At least when it comes to beauty Experts.¬†We’ll tell you the reason!

That’s why one is not enough

Here why we should use MORE as a concealer A/c To Experts

More than a concealer?¬†If you are already panicking now and think that you have to get up 30 minutes more from now on, then we can calm you down.¬†Time makes little difference – for the result, however, already.¬†First of all, let’s explain why you need more than one.

With the concealer, the color is the most important thing. What many do not consider: A color does not necessarily fit every part of the face that you want to cover. Under the eyes, we usually put on a slightly lighter shade. On the other hand, we do not want to highlight pimples and impurities, so you should use a concealer in your skin tone here. If you count, then make at least two concealers that you need in your make-up bag.

We want to radiate

Here why we should use MORE as a concealer A/c To Experts

For the eye area, most make-up professionals¬†Experts recommend a concealer with light-reflecting pigments.¬†The reason: These ensure that your eyes radiate and you (felt) a thousand times fresher looks.¬†Of course there are different concealers with different opacity – depending on how strong your dark circles are.¬†The Touche Eclat¬†by Yves Saint Laurent, for example, is particularly light – a classic among-st¬†concealers.¬†For those who need a bit more opacity, Charlotte Pillsbury’s¬†new Magic Away Liquid Concealer will do the job.¬†Both should make the skin shine – exactly what we want.

If you have extremely blue Рor even brownish Рdark circles, then a professional Experts will recommend you to another product: A Color Correcting Concealer. These should have a peach or pink tone depending on the color of the eye shadow. Give them only to the places that are really discolored. Then the regular concealer comes over and no one will see more of your dark circles.

Here why we should use MORE as a concealer A/c To Experts

Of course, that can be a lot in everyday life.¬†If you need an emergency plan for the dark circles, you should use the concealer in your own skin tone if in doubt.¬†So your face looks even and the complexion balanced.¬†The eye area is not highlighted, but with a little rouge and mascara you conjure up in no time a great “no make-up” look.

Who likes to take time for his beauty routine, should definitely try the different concealers. We definitely do it!

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