Here This will make you happier and healthier – in less than two weeks

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In order to improve one’s life, one does not have to go on a world tour for a year. Even these simple exercises make the difference!

Sometimes we have to actively do something to be happy. Small exercises and activities help us to make everyday life more balanced, healthier and happier. Take these activities for the next 10 days. You will see: the effect is great!

Day 1: Write a journal

Here This will make you happier and healthier - in less than two weeks

It helps a lot to write things from the soul. Researchers at Harvard University even found that people who kept a journal of their work performed better in the future (as much as 23 percent!).

Day 2: Engage honorary

Aside from helping others, you are also doing something good for yourself. Helping makes you incredibly happier! After work, you go home with the beautiful feeling “Oh, I’m a good person“. Simply priceless!

Day 3: uses floss

Do not sound like it’s going to change our lives. In fact, full dental hygiene affects our entire body. Studies have shown that flossing can lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and dementia!

Day 4: Read a novel

Dive completely into another world – just wonderful! When we read a novel in the evening, we literally feel the stress drop from our shoulders. Incidentally, we also train our empathy and learn for life, as studies show. Well then with the ham!

Day 5: Go swimming

Here This will make you happier and healthier - in less than two weeks

Swimming is not only great for the back, but it also produces a lot of happiness hormones. In the water, you often do not realize how much you’re doing. Only when you leave the pool, you are exhausted through and through – and that makes you satisfied. Researchers have also found that hot showers counteract stress and bad moods.

Day 6: Meet with an old school friend

Many studies have shown that making social contacts happier. We experience a special happiness boost when we are reminded by them of beautiful, old times. Call therefore a dear person from your past with whom you always wanted to meet.

Day 7: Paint a picture

Acting creatively can be so liberating – no matter if you have talent in it or not. In addition, it also makes it more spontaneous and less anxious. Chasteness out and off you go – for painting one is never too old! The trend is currently also coloring books for adults, which are super relaxing.&  happier activity .

Day 8: Go to the forest

Researchers at the University of Essex have found in a study: Only 5 minutes in the forest , the heart beats slower, blood pressure drops, self-esteem rises and stress drops. Pretty good reason to go for a walk, right?

Day 9: Sing a song

Singing has had a lot of positive effects on our body for a long time. Among other things, it strengthens the immune system. Just hang out: in the shower, in the choir, in the karaoke bar … It does not matter if you hit the notes!

Day 10: Smiles for no reason

You may have heard of laughter yoga before. At the same time, you will start snorting without really finding anything funny. Just like that – in connection with different exercises. Research has shown that played laughter has the same positive effect on our body as a real each flash. For example, laughing yoga improves brain oxygenation and reduces stress. So: Keep Smiling!

Keep these habits

Here This will make you happier and healthier - in less than two weeks

It is very important to integrate the exercises into everyday life. For example, you should use dental floss every day. Other activities, such as painting a picture or volunteering, can also be done weekly or every 14 days. The regularity is important!

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