Here These tips Help which mascara suits which eyelash type?

Posted: December 14, 2018 by XPOFeed

XXL eyelashes are the dream of many women. To make the eyes look their best, you can adjust the mascara and brush to the type of eyelashes. We have the best tips.


Whether round or square , made of rubber or natural fibers, for volume or length – Mascaras there is felt like sand on the sea. But not every product is suitable for every type of eyelash. We present four different types of eyelashes and their favorite mascara:

Unruly eyelashes

For unruly eyelashes structure is announced. Good are moving (rubber) brush heads with tapered ends and fine bristles that reach every hooked eyelash.

Long eyelashes

If the eyelashes do not grow very densely, volume shower is just right. After showering use a comb that separates the eyelashes. Alternative: Mascaras who have a comb instead of a brush.

Straight eyelashes

Before you blow your eyelashes up with the eyelash curler. For a good stand, lash the eyelashes. The momentum lasts for a long time with a new mascara , whose special composition envelops each individual eyelash.


Little eyelashes

With Volumen mascara the eyelashes appear denser. Professional technique for applying: showering from the inside out and from the lash line to the tip and jerking it. This also separates and lengthens a bit. In brown it seems very natural.

None like the other

In a study of 2280 women from the US, Europe and Asia, the cosmetics company  found that eyelashes differ in length, density, growth direction and the so-called pitch angle, which is responsible for the momentum. Matching ink is available for each.

You have not found the right mascara for your type? Here are some shopping inspirations for you from the online shops:

Extra tip: give the perfect frame

In order to put the eyelashes in the right focus and emphasize them optimally, the eyebrows should be shaped as well. This immediately brings more rays into the face. That’s how it works:

  1. Find the starting point: Imagine a straight line, from the nostril to the top.
  2. Find the endpoint: Draw an imaginary diagonal from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye and beyond, to the brow. By the way: start and end points should be on a horizontal line.
  3. The shape: In the beginning, the brow should be widest and narrower towards the end – even from the last third even clear. Important: Always pluck individual hairs from below and always in the direction of growth (hurts less). So that the brows are not plucked to different degrees, first pre-brush the frame with a brow pin. Then fill gaps with a pencil or brewing powder and then brush. Always orientate to the natural hair color, in case of doubt prefer to take a lighter shade.
  4. Tip: If you are unsure, you can pluck or brow at the hairdresser or beautician and then just keep the hairs in shape.

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