Here These Pink Make-Up Styles: So you wear the trend colors!

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Whether tender, strong, dull or shiny, on the eyes, cheeks, lips or nails: make-up in pink tones is currently in great demand. Absolutely right, as we find!

Do you know “Ruby”, the newly discovered cacao bean? It is the basis for pink chocolate and is therefore celebrated by the confectionery industry as a sensation. In fact, rosy times have dawned: designer Brands like Stella McCartney or Cline put on blouses, blazers and dresses in pink and powder, star model Cara Disbelieving dyed her hair for the glamorous Met Gala in New York pastel pink, and in-restaurants like London’s “Sketch” or “Pierrot Lolita” in Manhattan has imposed a strict pink color code for their decor and even food.

Rosa mixes up our everyday life

The cosmetics industry has been actively involved for some time: about every second product is packaged in pink, brands like Glossier or Benefit are setting up their shops like “Barbie” houses and are very successfully expanding with this strategy. Even perfumes are often dyed accordingly, especially if they smell of roses.
Proof of the current run on pink is mainly the make-up for many shows this season. The models wore nuances from delicate to gaudy on the lips, cheeks and nails, and the tones were also visible in eye shadows and wigs.

Particularly popular: the so-called Millennial Pink, a very flattering, bright old pink – very similar to the “Baker Miller Pink”, with the model Kendall Jenner caused a lot of excitement on the net. Named “Baker Miller Pink” for two prison wardens who had cells painted in this color to relax aggressive prisoners. Not only did Jenner choose it for her soothing effect on her living room – she also hoped for the appetite-suppressing influence that is said to be the tone.

The Rosalution on the trail

Why is the darling of little girls just turning into a trend for adult women right now? “A world in pink is far too good to be true,” writes psychologist and sociologist Eva Heller in her book “How Colors Affect” and assigns Rosa to the “unrealistic in all shades”. Obviously we are looking for pink glasses at the moment.

The Pan-tone Color Institute predicted this in 2016 and chose the pastel “Rose Quartz” as the color of the year. The decision justified the trend professionals with the desire for escapism: “Consumers are looking for mindfulness and a good feeling as a counterbalance to the everyday stress of modern life.” It was a perfect match for the unicorn boom, which came around at the same time on coffee cups, champagne bottles, sneakers or powder cans.

Rosa also makes it easy for you to find it pretty. “The effect is a bit like the first flowers in spring,” says Norman Pohl , International Pro Team make-up artist Dior, who among other things makes up stars for events.

Rosa brings every skin type immediately freshness and a good feeling.

After all, we associate attributes such as femininity, sensitivity, gentleness, tenderness, softness and lightness.

Make a provocative statement

The fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli showed that it can also be provocative in the 1920’s, when she designed dresses in “Shocking Pink“. Since the 70’s, punks like to wear their spiky hairstyles in shades of light to neon pink. And last year, even feminists were able to heat up for it – as the color of Pussy Hats, which were worn on anti-Trump demonstrations, Rosa has emancipated from the cliche of the cute.

“The effect depends heavily on the combination,” says make-up artist Norman Kohl. “A pink lipstick to a pink costume makes a very different impression than the black trouser suit and I can play with it.” I choose a delicate rosé, it makes me fresh and softer. “If I take a strong fuchsia, this is a fashion accessory, a statement . ” Sounds good.

And even better: Both looks can easily be put on with a few tricks!

1. The super-fresh look

Beige or brown tones give a face contour, but make many skin types look tired. This is the other way around with Rosa: “By nature, our skin, at least the European and the Asian one, is rather red pigmented, which means that Rosa adapts well and flatters everyone,” explains Dior-Pro Pohl. Transparent soft pink tones do not make your cheeks, lips and nails look noticeably different but better and fresher.

Professional tricks for the well-rested complexion: “With Rouge, I would always choose shimmering tones that looks softer,” says Norman Pohl.

Very natural is a darker pink, because that is the color in which we blush naturally. In addition, this tone gives some depth.

Here’s how it works: “Smile once, put some of it on the cheek apples and a little under the chin, then raise the eyebrows and spread a breath directly under it with a large eyeshadow brush.” ​​This is a trick from my mother, who emphasizes every eye color very nicely. ” For a little more shine, give some highlighter on the cheekbones.

Professional tricks for discreet lips: For soft pink tones also put on products with some shine, which makes the lips look fuller and neater. “Should it be a little more color, lightly dab a pink lipstick with your fingers,” suggests makeup expert Pohl.

2. The statement look

Professional tricks for pop-lips: particularly modern look strong tones such as pink or fuchsia in Matt, as well as a contrast to shiny cheekbones and eyelids. “Since my favorite touchstone is only in shimmering, I give it after rouge or transparent powder on the lips,” says Norman Pohl. So that the lipstick does not leak, I like to use transparent lipliner. This makes the edge softer, which also looks more natural.

Professional tricks for eye-catching eyelids: On the eyes pink tones are currently very fashionable, but also a little tricky – conjunctivitis is called in English not for nothing “Pink Eye“. To be on the safe side, do the following: lighten the lid lid with a shimmering cream or champagne shade, shade the eyelid deeper with taupe and pink over it, just above the eyelid crease. “So I have the freshness effect of pink, but stay away from the eyelid and do not come in the risk that the eye could look swollen,” explains Norman Pohl.

Pink eyeliner gives a great contrast to the eye white and makes it shine even more.

Important, if you go with pink nuances directly to the eye: colors such as anthracite, black or a light beige to combine. Stella advises: “Right on the eyelashes contour the eye quite easily with a little dark eye shadow, this also applies to the use of pink mascara.”

If you have a steady hand and like to experiment, you can combine the pink eyeliner with a second white one – or, like make-up artist Tom Penuche, Oscar DE la Rena will give a black tail to a second tail in bright pink.

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