Here These are 5 sets that only happy couples say

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A glance says more than 1,000 words? It may be, but these 5 sentences tell you if you are really a happy couple! How often do you say the following sentences to each other?

 It says a lot about your relationship.

Do happy couples talk differently to one another than unhappy ones? Naturally. And is it really possible to tell from straight sentences how good a relationship is? Certainly.

Who thinks about “I miss you”, “I like to do that for you” or “I forgive you” is already on the wrong track. Instead, these 5 sentences are signs of happy couples:

Here These are 5 sets that only happy couples say

1. “I do not want that, instead I prefer …”

To say what you want and what you do not, is one of the most important things in a working relationship. Honesty should be at the top of your list.

It also means not to be afraid to say what you think, feel, want. It should be possible for you to express your wishes and preferences without the other person being able to breathe directly, just because things are not going as they might have expected.

If you are having a hard time and you just do not want to disappoint the other person, you should bring an alternative suggestion after every “I do not want to”. So you skip the disagreement and deals immediately with the solution or compromise finding.

2. “I mean that now seriously.”

Humor is an important component in a relationship. Being able to laugh about oneself, the other or as a couple can raise one’s spirits, weld them together and relieve stressful situations.

But joke alone does not make a successful partnership. You have to be able to talk seriously about certain things, to call them by name and to discuss them out.

If everything is taken care of – including important topics – it can quickly arrive at the other person as if the topic (or even the partner) were not taken seriously. This in turn can quickly lead to frustration and quarrels – and for fun, it can also be known (unwanted) seriousness …

Here These are 5 sets that only happy couples say

3. “Get dressed – we’ll do something together now!”

The longer you get together, the more you tap into the Void Plans trap. These are the plans one intends to do with one another – be it a weekend trip (“Sometime in the summer”), a movie visit (“We can see what happens then”) or a visit to the restaurant (“Da hat Can we try it soon … “).

Stupid only that such roughly conceived plans are implemented only in the rarest cases in the act. This is not due (only) to one’s own laziness or that of the partner, but is often due solely to the fact that those plans are forged concretely.

It is better to make clear announcements. This does not mean that you should order your partner around. But a “on Thursday at 20 o’clock runs in our cinema The Grinch . Should I ever buy tickets for us?” emanates more liability than a “could”, “would”, “maybe”, “sometime” and “let’s see.”

4. “Together we’ll do it.”

It is the sentence of all sentences that melt not only women’s but also men’s hearts: “We can do it!” Okay, it sounds a bit like Angela Elmer, admittedly. But at the core it’s what every one of us wants to hear when he’s in crisis: that everything will be fine. That you do not have to worry. That one does not have to fight the problem alone.

It’s about a strong “we” to the “together.” True to the motto “shared suffering is half suffering” you can rely on the partner and build on his support.

Anyone who has not only heard this phrase from their partner, but has also said it to themselves one or the other time may well be happy. In a world where everyone seems to struggle for themselves, this support is no longer self-evident. A high on all “We can do it” pairs!

Here These are 5 sets that only happy couples say

5. “You are for me …”

… the rock in the surf? … the best thing that ever happened to me? … the man with whom I want to grow old? However you would like to complete this sentence, it often touches your partner more than a “I love you.”

More individual sentences create a more individual connection. It’s not about kitsch, it’s about closeness, trust, shared memories.

A “You are for me the first-aid pillow that I need” – in relation to the last joint party evening, in which the high-heeled shoes gave up the spirit and the sweetheart has caught one – makes common experiences immortal. And consolidates not least the married togetherness …

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