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Sometimes, when you are in a long-standing relationship, there comes a point where you are no longer sure of your feelings.

Sometimes you just get to know the guy and do not know if you can call your emotions true love for him.

Either way, we were all in a situation where we questioned our choices, reactions and emotions.

When you get to the point where you have to stop for a second and ask yourself, “Do I really love this man?”, There are 6 signs here that indicate that you are really doing this.

1. He calms you

The first thing you associate with love is probably butterflies in the stomach. You know, that feeling that keeps you under stress all the time?

But love is something else altogether. Of course, it’s great when your friend fascinates you, but that just means you’re in love with him.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with a man who calms you, that is one of the signs that you really love him. This man represents peace for you, and not in a bad way.

It does not mean that it is not fun to be near him or that he is boring, it just means that he has that kind of effect on you, that he can make all your problems disappear just by smiling at you.

2. It gives you the feeling of being strong

One of the signs that you really love a man is how you feel about him.

When you love a man, he gives you a special kind of strength and power.

You just feel that there is nothing that you can not do when he is by your side. And that is true love.

This man strengthens you and the love between you gives you wings. It just motivates you to be better without ever trying to change you.

And best of all, he does it without even trying. His presence is more than enough for you to feel that way.

Not only do you feel stronger than ever, but safe and secure near this man because you know that his love protects you.

3. You trust him

It is always a challenge to trust someone. But trust is often closely related to love and you have trusted this man since you met him.

It does not mean that you blindly trust everything he says, it just means that you know that he is trustworthy.

You just feel that you can trust this man with your life.

You can count on him and his support is everything you need in life.

In addition, you trust his judgment and his opinion and respect them, even if you both disagree.

4. You want everyone in your environment to meet him

If you love a man, you are also proud of him. He does not have to be Mr. Perfect, but you know he’s perfect for you.

So you want everyone in your area to know what a great man you have by your side.

You want all the important people, even your family, to get to know this guy better, so that they can all love him.

Your friends and family are important to you, and so does he, so you secretly hope that they all get on well together.

5. His needs are important to you

If you love someone, you want that person to be happy. It is the same with romantic relationships.

One of the signs that you really love a man is that his happiness means the world to you. That’s why you’re willing to make many sacrifices just to make him smile (and be the reason for that smile).

His needs will become a priority for you and you will never be selfish in his presence again.

It is impossible for you to be happy and content when it is not, and that is one of the signs of true love.

6. You can imagine a future with him

One of the signs that you really love a human being is that you can imagine your future with him. When a woman really loves a man, her hormones get wild.

Suddenly, you can not wait for him to go to his knees, and you can imagine living with him in a house with a white garden fence in the suburbs.

If this is the man with whom you can imagine having children, then you definitely love him and there is no doubt about it.You catch yourself thinking about starting a family with this man, and you even named your imaginary dog.

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