Here These 3 Relationship criteria for men to choose their wife for life

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What matters to a man, whether he takes a wife for an affair, girlfriend or wife? In fact, there are only three criteria that men choose. Do they approach you?

When it comes to the yes-word forever, men do themselves hard – at least we believe. But actually it is very simple.

Why does guy X split from Ms. Y – but does Ms. Z make a marriage proposal a short time later? And why does man A have been with Ms B for several years, but has not held out for her?

It is not rocket science that is behind the male selection. In fact, there are only 3 criteria for men to choose their wife for life. And no, it’s not the Knack, it’s not their submission potential and no housewife attire. On the contrary: men want to have strong women by their side, as the following 3 criteria show.

Here These 3 Relationship criteria for men to choose their wife for life

1st criterion: a woman who lives in harmony with herself

Love yourself and you are loved! What sounds so simple is difficult for many women. They complain about their love handles, are dissatisfied with their professional performance, they doubt themselves.

This crude self-image has a negative impact on the partnership. If a man manages to complain after every compliment, “Alright,” “Stop it,” or “It would be nice to hear,” it’s no pleasure for him. His compliment is ultimately to make you smile on your lips, to make you happy. Do you refuse his compliment against it, it feels to him as if it would make you just unhappy. It is the goal of every loving man to see his partner happy! A dilemma for the masters of creation.

No wonder that men therefore prefer women who have enough self-confidence to gratefully accept his compliments. That self-confident women radiate this and have a more attractive effect on their fellow human beings is only a grateful side effect. And of course every man wants to have a great woman by his side. When you radiate it through self-love, the man also feels that you are a wonderful person whom he wants to hold at his side forever.

2nd Criterion: A woman who helps him to become a better person

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, we are really looking for the proximity of those people we can grow on, who help us to make the most of ourselves. This is even more true for partnerships than friendships – after all, we usually spend most of our time with the partner, sharing with him most of our lives, our personality.

Incidentally, this refers to both large and small things. Whether quitting smoking, not filling up with his friends every weekend and eating healthier food, or keeping the flat clean, taking responsibility for the common dog, and reporting regularly to the granny who is ill – all that makes him a better “, that makes more decent people counts.

What at first glance can be interpreted as annoying backwardness, is in the long run an asset to his life. Every man notices that – one in time, the other when it’s too late …

Here These 3 Relationship criteria for men to choose their wife for life

Criterion 3: A woman who shows him she needs him

It may be that it is a cliche. But it’s a cliche that’s right: men want to be needed. You want to feel useful, even better be the hero of your partner. It’s the fabled protector instinct that engages here.

Again, both small and large gestures count equally: He wants to help you get the heavy cardboard out of the car? Let him help you! He wants to cook you a tea when you’re sick in bed? Please thank! And does he help himself to hand you the baking pan out of the top kitchen shelf? With pleasure!

It’s just minor things, and yes, we could do it all ourselves, after all, we’re not five years old anymore. But basically, it’s nice to have a helping hand.

Incidentally, the helper syndrome can also live up to man, if you ask him for trifles: “Can you help me to repair the cabinet?”, “Could you help me carry the heavy shopping bags into the apartment?” and “Do you want to remove the evil spider from the hallway?” nourish the protector gene of the man.

If you fulfill these 3 criteria of a man , he feels most comfortable and will want to bind himself to you quite fast.

If you meet these three criteria of a man not – because you can also even carry heavy bags, have no problem with his nicotine addiction, and now not even standing on compliments slimy – always off also applies to men thinking: exceptions to the rule …

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