Here These 10 tips of how to make a man desire you

Posted: January 2, 2019 by XPOFeed

Of course, there are a thousand different ways to conquer a man. And it’s always a matter of how you behave towards a man. But if you want to arouse his desire, there are some things that you as a woman are guaranteed to do no wrong.
You want to turn a man’s head? Then stop running after him and prefer to do these things that will surely fascinate you and awaken your passion.

1. Notice Him

Of course, it can be particularly interesting for a man to ignore him and let him speak to you. But it could also be that he finds it particularly refreshing if you just talk to him. It is important that you stare him in the eye. And that is best done by being the way you are. Do not bend!

2. Have fun

Needy women find the fewest men sexy. Impress him with the fact that you stand firmly on the ground with both legs and realize yourself. Men find women who pursue their careers, their hobbies, passions and social contacts much more exciting than couch potatoes, of whom they always know where to find them: at home.

3. Flirt with him

Impress him with your flirting skills and show off your seductive side if you want him to chase after you. But do not fall into the house with the door. Make him hot, flirt a bit and then pull back. He should make an effort if he wants to conquer you!

4. Stay sexy

Of course, men find sexiness appealing. But that does not mean that you have to flirt in front of him in the extra tight mini and with 20cm heels. Be sexy, but stay true to your type.

5. Stay interesting for other men

Even if YOU only want him – he should calmly see that you are also attractive to other men. So flirt with others, make him a little jealous. But do not overdo it. After all, he’s not supposed to think that you’re throwing yourself into any type of guy’s neck.

6. Let him fidget

If you are always on call, do not be particularly interesting. Do not give him the feeling that there is nothing exciting in your life except him. Do not always pick up when he calls you. Let it take a few hours. The same applies of course to text messages. If it’s not urgent, you can take some time before writing it back.

7. Do not tell him all at once

Sure, you’re an exciting personality and you’re sure to have a lot to tell about your life. But that does not mean you have to tell him stories about your parents’ relationship, your childhood, and your private issues right at the first few meetings. A man finds it much more interesting to discover you step by step.

8. Let out your inner vamp

If you’ve already come closer to each other, you may be naughty. Warm him up with hot text messages or whisper his tingling things in your ear when you’re intimate with each other. That’ll make him crazy about you. Now and then make him compliments – also regarding his abilities as a lover. He should know that he is something special for her.

9. Stay spontaneous

Whenever everything has to go according to a strict plan, men quickly feel bored by a woman. So stay spontaneously and suggest something unexpected: It will keep him busy.

10. Have patience

Some men just need more time to get involved in a relationship. So do not tighten it too much and try not to bind it to coercion. Let him have the freedom he needs. And make him feel like he’s wearing his pants – even if you really have the reins in your hand.

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