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Most people now and then have dark circles under their eyes. Most of them look like a dark shadow, which can be slightly purple or brownish. Mostly it is because we treat ourselves to too little sleep or have drunk too much the night before. Dark circles reflect a certain degree of fatigue and fatigue. With age, the tendency to wrestling under the eyes increases in addition.

How come eye rings?

The dark circles occur differently in humans depending on their predisposition. In particular, stress, lack of sleep and increased alcohol and nicotine consumption are reflected below the eyes, because there is the thinnest body skin due to the lack of adipose tissue. Only then do these eye shadows emerge so clearly visible. The characteristics are, however, different depending on the skin type.

Dark circles can indicate illnesses

Dark circles are usually something completely natural and can be justified by the current life circumstances. It becomes critical if these eye shadows occur for unreasonable reasons. In this case you should visit a doctor to clarify whether there are no health problems. Problems of the thyroid, kidneys or heart can be revealed by rings under the eyes.

Permanent dark circles

In rare cases, the rings under the eyes may also be innate. Some people also have a general predisposition and often suffer from it for longer.

Everyone can do something against dark circles, some measures act immediately and make you immediately look fresh again. We introduce the most effective immediate measures.

10 immediate measures against dark circles

Skin Cream The right skin care for dark circles is always a skin cream with plenty of moisture, which gives the skin back its natural glow.

The injection of Hyralonsäure is considered the most effective method against dark circles, but is also the most time-consuming since a doctor must be consulted.

concealer covers or masking creams immediately deliver visible results and make the dark circles disappear. Generally it is recommended to fight the cause and not just to mask the result.

Home remedies
Since time immemorial, it has been proven to put on the eye cucumber slices or cold tea bags, as they have a calming effect and combat dark circles.

Every woman has certain make-up products which can also help to make dark circles disappear, just have a look in her vanity case.

Stress Avoidance Stress is considered a major cause of dark circles. Maybe their daily routine can be changed a bit to limit stress.

With plenty of sleep, especially with the window open, dark circles can be well combated.

A balanced diet with many vitamins and minerals is also helpful. Nicotine should be avoided in any form.

Sufficient fluid is incredibly important for a healthy skin. Fluid deficits are also reflected immediately in the form of dark circles. But there is little alcohol to drink.

Avoid the sun
Excessive exposure to the sun is considered conducive to dark circles and should be avoided.


Dark circles in men

As men’s cosmetic masking products are less suitable, they should increasingly use roll-ons for the eyes. There are various products for men in the trade that give an instant freshness boost and are ideal for looking good again after longer nights.

There are a number of things that can be done immediately to beautify this ugly spot. As a first step treat yourself to a glass of fresh water to give the skin some moisture.

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