Here The Relationship at the end: 8 signs that you recognize

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When the Relationship is over, it is often hard to admit it. But with these warning signals your alarm bells should at least ring very loud.

No panic! Every now and then, the question ” Should I put an end to it? ” Occurs in the best families. Typically, after at least one year, when the tingling in the abdomen subsides and the pink glasses lose their effect, at least one partner begins to doubt.

  • Has he always laughed about such silly jokes?
  • If he even comes up with the idea of ​​kissing me after this little Metternich, he gets the basket of his life.
  • Phew, such a girls evening would be nice again …

If both feelings are more than just falling in love and suffice for a long-term partnership, then one or the other sign of love should become noticeable at the latest and in the place of doubt, tolerance and willingness to compromise slowly but surely emerge.

Relationship in the end is not defeat

But regardless of whether a couple was together for eight months or 28 years, it can always happen that the relationship suddenly stops working .

What is important then: to realize that a relationship is not a failure and does not waste the time we have spent with the partner .

For the weeks, months or years that we loved him, he was the right one – but now he is not anymore.

How do you recognize that with absolute certainty? Not at all! Because security never exists. But these eight  warnings are very much in favor of ending your relationship and going separate ways in the future.

Relationship at the end: 8 clear signs

1. You are annoyed as good as everything about him

His laughter, his questions, his chewing – what you do not even notice in other people, you can hardly bear with him.

2. You prefer to spend your time alone than with him

That you sometimes need time for you and not always have to have him around you, is clear, perfectly normal and was already like when you were just in love. But now you can not wait to get rid of him after a day together.

If he cancels an appointment, you are secretly happy, and when he’s gone longer, you do not feel a yearning at all.

3. No desire for sex

As hot as in the initial phase it stays with the fewest couples. But if you have absolutely no desire for each other and you might even prefer to cyber sex rather than together in bed, you probably need something other than a couple counseling or a few good Relationship tips.

4. You do not care if he cheats on you

He looks after another and you care zero? But not because you trust him so much, but because he can go to bed with her because of you? Oops! Then probably a clarifying (separation) conversation is announced!

That we should fight pathological jealousy is correct, but a healthy jealousy is part of a healthy love relationship. Complete absence of jealousy can even be a stronger warning signal than infidelity and cheating.

5. You argue practically every day

Again, the measure is crucial again. Relationship problems and strife (and even more violent and frequent) occur in every partnership.

But those who hardly communicate with each other quietly and argue constantly, so that there is no time left to forgive and reconcile, should end the (war) relationship better.

6. You agree on a break

The good old Relationship break! You can try it, if necessary, again and again, but in most cases a separation on time is the beginning of the end.

After all, agreeing to take a break is always a double-sided admission: right now, we just do not make each other happy.

7. He tries to change you

“Can not you relax? You’re always so cramped when we do something.” Well, if his presence does not relax you … Rumbling at the partner and “proposed changes” to body or personality are a clear sign that love is not very strong.

8. You imagine your future without him

You think for five years and look at children, in a certain city or professional position – but you do not see him at your side? Maybe you should think.

Of course, you can live in the here and now if you have similarities that just connect you, or you just want to enjoy your time together (you can also do it as a mingle , by the way ).

But if you do not share the future with him in your imagination – maybe you are still subconsciously looking for a partner … (Or are you afraid of Relationship ?)

Relationship in the end! And now?

If those warnings describe your current partnership pretty well, do not panic and announce the relationship officially on Facebook! Obviously, there is need for action, but more important than all the signals and recommendations is still what you feel.

If, despite everything, you are determined to save your Relationship , you should try that – otherwise you may regret it later.

In the worst case you try it (maybe even with a couple adviser or relationship coach) and it does not work. So what? Then you have at least developed further and learned something .

But if coaching and bilateral (!) Efforts not fruitful, you should resign yourself to the fact that it is better to separate.

Because : A relationship that does not do you good in the long run not only costs valuable life (yours and your partner’s), but can also affect your physical and mental health .

Then confess better color, put an end,  go through the stages of separation and be open to other men again sometime – the heart is broken in a separation that is nothing more than a toxic partnership, which we only continue because we are afraid of letting go …

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