Here The Plants in the Bedroom – you should pay attention 🎍 🎋

Posted: November 4, 2018 by XPOFeed

Here The Plants in the Bedroom - you should pay attention

Do plants in the Bedroom do me well? Can they even provide better sleep? We Actually reveal what you should pay attention to!


Are plants in the Bedroom harmful or good for me?

While in the living area are plants for many normal furnishings, many are afraid to put flowers and trees in the bedroom . Your concern: Can houseplants possibly hinder a sound sleep ? Do they even consume oxygen? Does it harm the air quality?

The clear answer: It depends.

What this means is that most plants consume oxygen at night but do not produce new ones (because without sunlight, photosynthesis is not possible). However, there are also plants that purify the air and also produce oxygen at night .

I want to set up plants in the bedroom – what should I pay attention to?

There are several points to keep in mind when planning to plant plants in the bedroom :

  • Strongly scented plants can cause headaches and make falling asleep more difficult
  • Allergy sufferers¬†should take care that they do not set up plants that they are allergic to
  • Plants in the Bedroom increase the humidity¬†– which can be good for dry bedroom¬†air¬†, but is more damaging if you’re fighting high humidity anyway
  • Many plants¬†consume oxygen at night and produce carbon dioxide¬†.¬†Which are therefore better suited for the bedroom, we look at the next paragraph.

Which houseplant can I put up in the bedroom ?

Here The Plants in the Bedroom - you should pay attention

Because most plants only filter carbon dioxide during the day and produce oxygen, some indoor plants are better suited than others to stand next to the bed or wardrobe. The following plant-lets have proven to be good bedroom occupants that have the air purifying effect:

  1. Aloe Vera Рnot only filters carbon dioxide, but many other pollutants from the air
  2. Bow hemp Рit also produces oxygen at night and improves the air quality
  3. Single leaf Рnot only nice to look at, but a real humidifier, which is also easy to clean
  4. Ivy Рfrees the air of up to 94 percent of all pollutants
  5. Green lily Рanother air purifier that is simply beautiful to look at

Bonus tip : In the summer months, fresh lemon grass on the windowsill can help keep away mosquitoes Рbut here you have to decide for yourself whether you can tolerate the smell in the bedroom or feel annoying.

Here The Plants in the Bedroom - you should pay attention

You see: Choosing the right plants not only enhances your bedroom visually, but also significantly increases your sleep quality. We wish you much joy in the search for the perfect bedroom roommates!

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