Here The Perfect tricks Face make up 💞

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Here The Perfect tricks Face make up 💞

You have a round face? No problem! With these beauty tips, you can make up your face narrower while emphasizing your benefits.

Too wide, too full or maybe a double chin: We women are often dissatisfied with our appearance. After all, there is always something to criticize that could be better. The good news: you do not have to be perfect! Go lovingly with you. This self-confidence radiates to the outside. For all (minor) flaws, we have some really good beauty tricks, with which you can jerk your face, narrow make-up and emphasize your merits.

Face make up – you need that

  • Foundation in a light and dark shade
  • rouge
  • bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Make-up sponge
  • Make-up brush¬†for applying and blending

Face make up in 5 steps

Step 1 : First level the complexion with a foundation . Pay attention to a nuance that merges with your own skin tone. The goal is to make the result as natural as possible. To make it possible to apply the foundation with a make-up sponge or brush from the center of the face to the outside and to blend transitions well. How to get the perfect job, you can read under 8 Foundation mistakes that each of us has ever made .

Step 2: Now you should model and define your face shape. Contouring is the magic word you can use to make your face slimmer. With the right technique, you can even narrow your nose and make your chin seem less broad. But with a foundation that is two to three shades darker than the natural skin tone, left and right draw a line under the cheekbones. Blend everything well with a brush or special beauty blender. Who likes, can also resort to a creamy contouring product.

Step 3: Finally, apply the powdery highlighter with a brush on the highest parts of the face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin).

Here The Perfect tricks Face make up 💞

Step 4: Using a bronzer , natural-looking shadows can be created. Dust the bronze powder up to the ears along the indentations under the cheeks diagonally upwards. A little product applied to the left and right corner of the forehead, the nostrils and the chin, gives even more contour.

Step 5: For some fresh apricot-colored rouge, sprinkle directly on the cheekbones and let it narrow to the corner of the mouth. Especially apricot-colored rouge stands for every woman. What else you should pay attention to when rouge, you will learn here.

Extra tip: To keep the look the whole day, finish the makeup with transparent powder and a setting spray. This not only fixes, but additionally pampers the complexion with moisture.

Even more make-up tips and tricks for defined facial contours

Here The Perfect tricks Face make up 💞

  • Correct wide nose:¬†Apply to the eyebrow with a dull bronzer or contouring pin and draw a line to the nostrils.¬†Blend everything well and emphasize the middle of the nose with a light, matte powder or with a shimmering highlighter.
  • Duping¬†Double¬†Chin: Here you can create shades with the help of bronzer and foundation, which make the face appear narrower.¬†This works by making the transition from neck to chin darker.¬†To do this, gently surround the face with the dark powder and draw a thin line from the side hairline down to the chin.

  • Making¬†-up¬†Eyes Bigger¬†: Eye make-up can also be tricked into a slim face shape.¬†And this is how you achieve this effect: First apply a light eye shadow to the moving eyelid.¬†Then put the darker eye shadow in the eyelid crease and shade.¬†A little kajal applied along the lower lash line gives the eye more expression.¬†Finally enter into the inner corner of the eye highlighter.¬†That opens the view.
  • Correct eyebrows¬†: Thin nineties brows or even color bars are completely out of place here!¬†It is important that the eyebrows have a curved shape and end about one centimeter behind the eye.
  • Liven up the lips:¬†dispenses with a lipstick in strong nuances.¬†The emphasizes a round face in addition.¬†Better: choose a subtle color or a lip gloss in rosewood.¬†Here are more tips on how to¬†make up¬†your¬†lips.

Here The Perfect tricks Face make up 💞

More cool beauty hacks and make-up tips for every day and 10 make-up tricks that you would not have known guaranteed , we show you here.

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