Here The Most Helpful Tricks With Your Beauty Products

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Here The Most Helpful Tricks With Your Beauty Products

Your favorite beauty products are empty too fast? We show you how to get the most out of Foundation, Highlighter, Shampoo and Co. True to the motto: use for longer means spend less money!

Saving money on beauty products – that’s not always easy, but with our tips and tricks you can do just that! We’ve come up with ideas for you on how to easily use different products for longer. It’s not about how you can extend the shelf life. Rather, it’s about tricks that can save you on the amount of products. Anyone who thinks of stinginess now thinks wrong. The whole thing has nothing to do with it. We sting with our products, but do not have to give up at all. After all, the tricks work just as well as before, if not better!

Stretch the foundation

Sometimes the Foundation is just not what we want it to be. Sometimes it is too viscous and therefore difficult to apply. Or it covers too much and does not blend properly. If you have any of these problems, then dilute the product with your moisturizer. So you need less of the Foundation and you do not have to throw away the bad buy.

Here The Most Helpful Tricks With Your Beauty Products

Brush or beauty sponge? Does not have to be!

Everyone raves about it and nothing works without them: make-up tools. That’s not quite true. Before you reach for the brush or beauty blender and work the foundation with it directly on your face, you should first take advantage of your fingers. Very classic. So you distribute the product on your face and massaging it. If you are already doing this process with a brush and Co., you will unnecessarily lose a lot of foundation. The lands then half in the brush. Only when you have massaged the product to the end, you can grab the brush and sponge and blend the last rest. And you have already saved some Foundation!

Mix mascara liquid

Mascara – sometimes it is too dry, sometimes too sticky and often we throw it away, even though there is so much of the product in it. And here comes the tip for a perfect liquid: moisturizing eye drops. You can find them in pharmacies and you can just add a small amount!

Here The Most Helpful Tricks With Your Beauty Products

More is more important with shampoos!

This is for anyone with dry hair: Experts recommend mixing shampoo and conditioner with a little water. Too much shampoo dries out the hair and scalp. And so the hair is cleaned anyway, but not dry out so quickly and the nutrients are retained.

Perfume: That’s where it comes from

In the morning we take two splashes and felt after an hour, the scent is gone. As a result, we are often inclined to use far too many products in one day. Not if you use the perfume in the right places. Heat intensifies the fragrance, so spray your perfume on warm body parts, such as the wrists or behind the ears on. Sounds logical and you should absolutely try it out! However, heat is not the only thing that makes the fragrance more intense: even fat can keep up. For a maximum fragrance experience, it’s best to rub Vaseline on the spots where the fragrance will end up later.

Here The Most Helpful Tricks With Your Beauty Products

Oil highlighter for the wow glow

Body oil, such as bi-oil, helps against scars and stretch marks. What does this have to do with a longer lasting highlighter? Good question, but actually makes sense. Highlighter you freshen up in the course of the day, so that the glow in your face is not missing. And that’s where the oil comes in:

The oil binds the powder particles of the highlighter – so your face stays longer radiant. But that’s not all. The shimmer effect is also considerably more intense with the oil! The only thing you have to do: gently massage the oil into the desired area and then work in the highlighter. Done is the long lasting Glow!

Small cattle are also crap

True to this motto, you should consider the beauty product austerity measures. Of course, the tips and tricks are not the ultimate goldmine. But somewhere you have to start saving. Especially if it can be that easy. 

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