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Posted: January 20, 2019 by XPOFeed

Natural skincare is gaining more and more people’s confidence today. Natural and herbal ingredients gently care for our skin. Natural cosmetics are produced in an environmentally friendly way. There are also purely vegan skin care products.

Natural skin care is pure cosmetics

Natural skincare is made from natural raw materials that are both environmentally friendly and caring for the skin.

The vegetable raw materials often come from organically grown plants.

To document biological skin care, many manufacturers of natural cosmetics rely on the certification of their own cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics are mostly made 
without: alcohol, dyes, parabens, paraffins, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal experiments

Natural skin care does not have to be expensive

Natural cosmetics are more expensive than products from discounters or private drugstore brands, but you also get a skin care that is mostly of the highest quality. Due to the acceptance and the multiplicity of the manufacturers also the prices have fallen, so that there are hardly any price differences to the classical brands. However, here you get a biological skin care without questionable additives.

What natural skin care is there?

While the selection in health food stores and drugstores is limited to mostly a few natural cosmetic products, so the cosmetics manufacturers actually have entire cosmetic series on offer. These are unfortunately only completely available on the Internet.
There are natural cosmetic products for every need.

Natural skin care for women

For women, there are multiple skin care ranges from several providers, which can keep up with the number of products even with the most established providers. So there are special anti-aging skincare as well as organic makeup. Depending on the manufacturer, for example, powder for the ladies’ skin is not pressed but baked, which of course removes the moisture so that binders are superfluous.

Natural skin care for men

Men also find all the products they need for their skin care. This starts with shaving cream and includes all sorts of creams, such as special anti-wrinkle care. Even body lotion with a slightly masculine scent does not have to do without the health-conscious man.

What differentiates Natural Skin Care?

The main difference is the natural resources that are used. So the skin always stays well cared for without any additives. The ingredients are tested in their mode of action as well as the classic products, except that just dispensed additives and is produced healthier.

Make natural skin care yourself

In particular, before there were so many products, many people made their own cosmetics naturally. Of course you can still do this. One should know, however, that the decline in prices makes own production often unprofitable. The ingredients should be of the highest biological quality and when putting together the grocery list should be clear that it is not necessarily cheaper to do it yourself. Despite the absence of additives, purchased products usually last longer, for example by packaging them. If you had to mix yourself earlier, because the desired natural product simply did not exist, it is nowadays true that for every skin type the corresponding skin care is also available on a natural basis.

Where should natural skin care be bought?

Natural skincare products slowly conquer the traditional retail trade, whereas in the past they were only available at the health food store.

But the selection clearly speaks for itself on the Internet to look around, since everyone finds exactly this right for his needs. As with normal skin care products, the same applies to natural products that skin care should be tailored to the skin type, sex and age.

In the Internet shop you can select the best products according to your own needs and is not dependent on a small selection in the store. It is advisable to test some different care products in order to find the right skin care product line. Product samples often accompany the package to try other manufacturers.

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