Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

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Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

Tips and tricks for the manicure – they never hurt. But what are we doing wrong? We reveal seven mistakes that are sure to be familiar to everyone and explain how you can do better!

We and our fingernails – a never ending story. Because honestly, when do we really feel like filing, painting and perfecting it? When we get over it, the trouble is often big. Because if we want it to be neat, then it is anything but a quick affair. What mistakes you should avoid at the manicure, we tell you here.

1. Cut off the cuticle

Even if you do not like the cuticle , you must never cut it away with scissors. NO WAY!!! Why? The thin cuticle protects against bacteria and is therefore important for the health of your nails. So stay away from it.

How to do it better: Instead of the scissors, grab the rosewood stick and gently push away the cuticle.

Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

2. File crosswise

No, it does matter in which direction you make your nails. It even plays a very important role. Therefore: Do not move the file back and forth – never ever! Because that’s just screaming for Generalissimo.

How to do it better:  always move the file from the outside to the middle. In addition, you should file gently and exercise little pressure. We advise against metal files. Ceramic and glass files are much gentler.

Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

3. Do not clean the nails

We all know that: Just paint over the old nail polish residue, nobody will see it anyway anyway. No one notices and saves time. Wrong thought! For an optimal result, the cleaning and removal of all nail polish residues is the absolute prerequisite. If you just paint over the leftovers, the result will be uneven. The only thing you can do is save time. Nice looks different.

How to do it better: Always reach for the nail polish remover! This removes not only the old paint, but also dirt and oils. This gives your nails the perfect surface to repaint. Smooth and dry – this is how the paint sticks best! And let’s be honest: that much time is not lost in the cleaning synonymous.


4. Shake the nail polish vial

You’ve always wondered why small bubbles form in your nail polish? Then you probably shake the vial before applying it. Found a mistake! Because it can easily happen that the oxygen forms bubbles in the paint of the bottle.

Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

How you can do it better: If the varnish was long and you want to get it liquid again, you should not shake the bottle even then. Instead, try using this method: Roll the nail polish back and forth between your palms and lightly heat the varnish. So it becomes liquid again to form without bubbles and is ready to apply.


5. Do not use under and over paint

Again, saving time is again the culprit. Undercoating and top coat accelerates the manicure routine just not really, right in the gene part. But who renounces both, who will be caught at least two days later by his laziness. Because then usually the first few pages peel off the paint and you have to repaint again. Saving time is different …

How to do it better: Save time by applying under and over varnish. It may not help you at first glance. But at the latest when the paint does not start to peel off after just two days. Always think long term.

6. Layer the nail polish

Some nail polishes do not cover the first layer. Therefore, many think that several are necessary. But too many layers make your nail look unnaturally thick. Besides, we do not want to exaggerate it with time, right?

How to do it better: Never paint more than two coats! And most importantly, let the first coat dry completely before it goes to the second. This is the result that looks the most beautiful and the paint lasts longer.

Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

7. Mending with cotton swabs

Every now and then a splash of color accidentally lands where it does not belong. The all-rounder called cotton buds you should use for mending but in no case! The blunder is then perhaps gone, annoying lint in the nail polish but there. In addition, the cotton swab is not suitable for difficult to reach places directly on the nail. But it is then too imprecise.

How to do it better: Use a small brush, such as an eyeliner brush. This allows you to remove much more unwanted stains and even mend difficult areas. And best of all, he leaves no lint. Yuppie!

Here The 7 Kind of Manicure Mistakes We Do Regularly

These were our ultimate manicure mistakes that must be avoided. If everything goes well, nothing can go wrong with your next manicure!


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